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SupplySide CPG Editor's Choice Awards

Discovering Innovative Finished Product Launches and Exploring their Market Significance


Finalists Announced: August 19
Winners Announced: October 8

All winners will be announced at SupplySide West in Las Vegas, October 8th.
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For more than 15 years, SupplySide has helped those in the dietary supplement, food, beverage, animal nutrition, personal care and cosmetic industries break through the hype and ambiguity to find the information they need to explore, discover, innovate and market their next best-selling product. In 2014, the 3rd Annual SupplySide CPG Editor's Choice Awards will recognize innovative finished product launches from CPG companies in a variety of categories.


Antioxidant Supplements: Breast Safeguard by Protegene Corporation, Liposomal Curcumin/Resveratrol by Empirical Labs, OpticOne™ Vision Support Formula by MediNutritionals Research LLC, PreserVision AREDS 2 by Bausch & Lomb, and Skoop A-Game by Skoop

Bars: California Savory Bar by Slow Food for Fast Lives, Chocolate Butter Crunch by INBalance Health Corp., Mediterra Nutrition Bars: Savory Flavors by Mediterra Inc., Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Protein Chewy Bars by Cascadian Farm, and Strong & Kind Almond Protein Bars by KIND Healthy Snacks

Brain Health/Mood: Passionflower Herbal Supplement by Alvita, RememBRAIN™ by NOW Foods, Serenum™ by Lisan S.A., Taki Mai by South Pacific Elixirs LLC, and ZemBright Mood Plus by Healthy Directions

Digestive Health: Active D'Lites with Probiotics by Active D'Lites, KeVita Blueberry Cherry, Tangerine and Hibiscus Berry by KeVita, Pro-Cran Blend 6B by Probium LLC/The Premium Probiotic Company, ProbioSlim by ProbioSlim, and Time-Release Probiotic by Twinlab Corporation

Energy Drinks: Aquadopa by Aquadopa, Co-H20 by Natrol Inc., EnerBee® by Natural Motives LLC, Spryng by Xyngular, and WakeUp-Post Lunch Waker by InnoBev Ltd.

Frozen Food: Bake'mmm Bagels by Bageladies LLC, Chocolate Muffin by Classic Cooking LLC/Garden Lites, Coconut-Chocolate Frozen Yogurt Pearls by Stonyfield Organic, Ian's Smokin' Sweet BBQ Chicken Nuggets by Ian's Natural Foods, and Smart Flour Foods Uncured Pepperoni Pizza by Smart Flour Foods

Hair Care/Nutricosmetics: Aviva Hair Revitalizer by Aviva, Bambousil (Hair Skin Nails) by Nutripur Inc., DHT Blocker by Nature's Elements, NeoCell Biotin Bursts by NeoCell, andyoutheory Men's Line - Advanced Collagen, Joint Collagen, Protein by youtheory

Heart Health: Blood Pressure Success by Twinlab Corporation, Carlson Heart Fit byJ.R. Carlson Laboratories Inc., Ocean Blue Minicaps by Sancilio & Company Inc., Omega Q Plus® Lutein by Healthy Directions, and Unique Omega E+ by A.C. Grace Company

Joint Health: Beneflex by Direct Digital, Extreme Flex by MIRA Partners, JOINThealth Soft Chews by Redd Remedies, Krill Oil MD by Maypro Industries LLC, and Osteo Bi-Flex® edge by Osteo Bi-Flex

Juices: Coconut Water and Greens by Evolution Fresh, Mott's: Fruit Punch Rush, Wild Grape Surge, Strawberry Boom by Dr. Pepper Snapple Group, Oatworks by Wellness Works LLC,Veggie Kefir by Lifeway Foods, and Vitacost Organic Certified Aloe Vera Juice Unflavored by Vitacost

Multivitamin: Active Adult Multivitamin Gummies with CoQ10 by Sundown Naturals, Enzyme Nutrition™ by Enzymedica, Martha Stewart Vegetarian Multivitamin Gummy & entire line by Inergetics, Nature's Bounty Optimal Solutions Extra Strength Hair, Skin & Nails by NBTY - Nature's Bounty, and Prenatal Precious Gems™ Gummy Multivitamin by Rainbow Light

Pet Food/Treats: Natural Stews for Dogs by Caru Pet Foods Co., Clean Label™ Dog Biscuits by Clear Conscience Pet LLC, Cluck Yea by Treats for Chickens LLC, CORE® Superfood Protein Bars by Wellness Natural Pet Food, and Meal Mixers by Stella & Chewy's

Pet Health: Complete Stud Canine by CompleteVites LLC, indigo™ Fresh Floss Bones, Dental Sauce and Dental Sticks by Pet Safe, Rehydrate Joint Support and Rehydrate Antioxidantby River City Pet Products, Wholistic Run Free™ with Green Lipped Mussel by Wholistic Pet Organics, and Tengo Cat Multivitamin Drink by Tengo USA

Skin Care: Cell Revive Serum Complete by Stemology, Light Treatment by Goldfaden M.D., Limited-Edition Wild Plum Resurfacing Mask by Tata Harper, Scientific Organics Coconut-Argan Body Oil by emerginC, and Youth Garden™ Serum by Immuno-Viva

Snacks: Angie's Boomchickapop Salted Caramel by Angie's Boomchickapop, Bernie's Farm Cheddar Crackers by Annie's Homegrown, Cherry Bomb by The Cookie Department Inc.,Sea Salt Quinoa Chips by Simply 7 Snacks, and Simply Sprouted Pita-ahh Chips by Way Better Snacks

Specialty Supplement/Food: CinG-X by CinG-X Corporation of America, DEFY™ by Consumer Health Brands Inc., Lutein Gummies by Sundown Naturals, Kickers® Powdered Food Enhancer by Waldman Naturals Inc., and Omega Boost by Nordic Naturals

Sports Nutrition: Clean BCAA by Clean Machine, High G by MIRA Partners, Electrolyte Stamina Power Pak – Non-GMO - Mixed Berry by Trace Minerals Research, Recover & Repair by Natrol Inc., and Super Fuel by Boku International

Tea: b.Lean Tea by HerbalScience, Biodynamic Teas by The Republic of Tea, ChaiElixir by ChaiElixir, Higgins and Burke Loose Leaf Tea by Mother Parkers, and Zest Tea Energy Blends by Zest Tea Energy Blends

Weight Management: Arlo Lean Meal Replacement Shake by Vitacost, Chobani Simply 100 by Chobani LLC, ENU by Trovita Health Science, Garcinia Plus MeraTrim® Gold by NutriGold Inc., and HCActive by Jarrow Formulas

Women's Health: BreastGard by Solaray, Intimique by Principium SA, Mommi 3-in-1 by Mommi, Relizen by JDS Therapeutics, and Vous Vitamin by Vous

Antioxidant Supplements

Consumers turn to antioxidants for their powerful anti-inflammatory benefits for the heart, brain and immune system. However, marketing claims must match established research with proper formulation. Contenders will incorporate ingredients with strong science and demonstrated bioavailability to ensure users receive the perceived benefits.
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Celeste Sepessy
Managing Editor


Consumers look to bars for more than something tasty to stop tummy growling; bars are a convenient way for consumers to meet nutrition needs, especially considering a growing number of consumers are eating "on-the-run" in lieu of the standard three meals per day. Increasingly, bars provide at least one functional component while fulfilling consumers' demands for products made with natural, more healthful ingredients. Key considerations will include flavor, functionality, innovation and ingredients used.

Rachel Adams
Associate Editor

Digestive Health

Interest in digestive health continues to climb, despite mounting hurdles from international regulatory bodies. Successful products in this key category will sport legal label claims and may boast a synergistic blend of successful ingredients such as probiotics, prebiotics, enzymes, fiber and more.
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Celeste Sepessy
Managing Editor

Energy Drinks

Despite questions about safety, the energy drink and shot category remains a bright spot in terms of growth in the larger beverage category. While many energy-drink consumers are merely looking for a sweet jolt of caffeine, the market is shifting to more-healthy, multifunctional beverages that taste good with a compelling point of differentiation, whether it's the base or format, ingredients added (especially those delivering energy), an important nutritional advantage or a new, unique flavor system.

Lynn Kuntz
Executive Editor

Frozen Foods

From snacks to sides to full-blown meals, frozen foods answer the consumer call for convenience. But that doesn't mean frozen foods don't need to taste good. Successful new products are easy to heat-and-eat, and reflect current trends in flavor, format and health-and-wellness.

Rachel Adams
Associate Editor

Heart Health

Science suggests functional foods and dietary supplements featuring key natural ingredients can support the heart and circulatory system. Ingredients targeting cholesterol, blood pressure and vein health continue to lead the category. Winning supplements will differentiate themselves by benefit approach, delivery vehicle and superior research and development.

Celeste Sepessy
Managing Editor

Joint Health

A relatively mature market segment, joint health formulas tend to be some combination of the same handful of ingredients. Many joint health ingredients, including chondroitin and glucosamine, have been plagued by quality issues. Thus, not only will primary consideration be given for unique formulation based on research results, but also any proof of high quality, not limited to GMP audits, certifications, branded ingredients known to be of high quality and transparency in supply chain. Delivery innovations should also be a factor in this supplement-dominated category.

Steve Myers
Senior Editor


Consumers are thirsting for more than plain-old orange juice. It appears consumers are shunning traditional choices and opting instead for smoothies, exotic fruit/vegetable blends, coconut water, aloe vera water and juices made with nutritious, intriguing superfruits. Key considerations will be the type of ingredients used, their functionality and nutrition benefits, as well as clever and innovative packaging.

Judy Bizzozero
Senior Editor


As a mainstay in the supplement cabinet, multivitamins are of utmost importance. However, product offerings can be stale in multivitamin selections. Winning products in this category will offer innovative positioning including new delivery forms, targeted audiences and new research backing. Wow us with a hip way to get RDAs.
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Lauren Kane
Assistant Editor

Pet Food/Treats

Karen Butler
Content Marketing Manager

Pet Health

Karen Butler
Content Marketing Manager

Skin Care

Balancing and perfecting skin is a daily battle in the front of the mirror. As consumers lean toward natural solutions to combat their ailments (acne, dry and flaky skin, rosacea and more), the industry is developing condition- and skin-specific products to help consumers ward off troubled skin naturally. We're looking for products that not only address a specific ailment, but do it with pizzazz. What ingredients does your product use? Do you have a story that connects your brand to its shoppers? Do you have the science to back up your claims?
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Alissa Marrapodi
Managing Editor


Americans love to snack, but these days, there's also a draw to foods that are better for you, especially with packaged snack goods. Consumers are seeking snacks with a healthy halo that not only are good for them, but also taste good. Key considerations are clean ingredient lines, simplified formulations, as well as lower sodium levels, natural flavors, protein, fiber and vitamins that yield performance benefits.

Judy Bizzozero
Senior Editor

Specialty Supplement/Food

Got a supplement/food that's in a category of its own? Then, this category is for you. We're looking for innovative, specialty products with a high "cool factor." Apply with products that target a new health effect, have an innovative ingredient combination and/or come in a super convenient delivery system. Research backing a plus.
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Sandy Almendarez
Editor in Chief

Sports Nutrition

This is a wide open category, as the demands of athletes and even weekend warriors have expanded beyond just building muscle and boosting energy. The big deal here will be responsibility. This means: free from banned substances/adulterants, proof of meeting label claim, detailed labeling of contents (especially all sources of caffeine), healthy dosing, marketing that targets the appropriate consumers, and realistic claims (especially in weight management). Beyond the watchdog stance, a focus will be on innovation of delivery, formulation (have a compelling reason for any "kitchen sink" combos) and user experience (flavors, etc.). And as always, research rules.
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Steve Myers
Senior Editor


Consumers demand all things natural and healthy and teas, whether green, black, or herbal, have demonstrated health benefits over the years. Cancer-fighting polyphenols--found in tea--have been shown to decrease prostate and brain cancer, green teas have shown to improve bone mineral density and white teas fight off infections. Global tea production has increased 40% from 2001 to 2011 and is projected to continue this incline hitting 50% by 2016. In addition, tea is becoming the spotlight in key ingredients giving companies a variety of options to incorporate into their mix and follow the growing tea trend.

Kasia Muré
Managing Editor

Weight Management

Supplements that address weight from a thermogenic, satiety or carb/fat blocking angle are popular among consumers, but FDA is also focused on making sure these products are safe. This Editors Choice Award will go to a researched product that shows efficacy and safety, but also inspires consumers to maintain their weight with a cool delivery form and/or by addressing a new aspect of weight management.
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Sandy Almendarez
Editor in Chief

Brain Health/Mood

Sandy Almendarez
Editor in Chief

Hair Care/Nutricosmetics

Sandy Almendarez
Editor in Chief

Women's Health

Sandy Almendarez
Editor in Chief


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