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Maximize your experience at SupplySide West by attending our in-depth education sessions. We offer more than 140 hours of education, covering a wide variety of topics for the health and nutrition industry. Whether you are looking for GMP Training courses, or information on market trends, formulation considerations or regulatory changes—we've got you covered.

We've created a resource to show you all the education happening at the show this year! 

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2019 Education Themes & Trends

SupplySide West is committed to offering conference programming that explores the issues facing the industry and can help companies make better business decisions. This year, five key trends have emerged that should be on your radar.

Consumers may not use the term “clean label,” but their actions are impacting ingredient selection, production techniques and more. Exhibitors at SupplySide West and Food ingredients North America (FiNA) are showcasing new options from allulose blends to natural reds from sweet potato; conference programming will dive into the sourcing, regulatory and formulation issues around use of natural colors, flavors and sweeteners. The concerns will all come together, along with market guidance, in the “How to Create Disruption in the Beverage Aisle” workshop; discover new formulation processes and packaging options, formulation considerations with functional ingredients and supply chain cost considerations.

Concerns about pill fatigue and a saturation of the traditional natural products channels have companies exploring new delivery technologies and expanding into different markets. While some companies are finding success in extending their traditional lines, others are turning to new arenas to find success. One of the most promising is the sports nutrition market, which is shifting from the traditional bodybuilder into broader active nutrition and lifestyle positioning. “Finding New Pathways in Sports Nutrition,” a full day summit, will cover issues related to ideation and product formats, as well as emerging ingredients fueling innovative product development.

It’s a complex industry, and few companies have the capital, facilities and capabilities to do it all on their own. Instead, there is an increased emphasis on partnerships, whether that’s turning to ingredient suppliers for product prototype guidance to speed time to market; identifying the right co-packer or contract manufacturer (plus a backup) that can deliver quality goods on time, every time; engaging a contract lab for quality assurance; or identifying certifiers that can offer a seal that helps a product stand out on a crowded shelf. For visitors looking for detailed guidance on selecting the right partner and sharing insights with peers, the Contract Manufacturing Roundtable is designed to deliver, with an interactive format to discuss topics including delivery format, selection criteria, overages and supply chain transparency.

Companies rightfully prioritize regulatory compliance, but ensuring operations are operating within the lines takes dedication. For several years, SupplySide West has worked with NSF International to offer GMP and regulatory training courses, and has also showcased insights around U.S. regs such as the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). However, it’s not just federal regulations that are notable. Changes in regulations happen across the world and across categories. Consider the probiotics space, where nomenclature is changing for two classes of probiotics, impacting labeling, sourcing and more. During the “Extending Your Reach in the Probiotics Space” workshop, speakers will offer a historical perspective, an overview on the changes, and how they will affect what you buy, how you test and how you label products in this dynamic category.

In the last two years, cannabidiol (CBD) and hemp have transformed large swaths of the natural products industry. Suppliers, manufacturers and brand marketers have had to assess their risk tolerance; some have gone all in early, others are watching FDA and the mass media, taking cues on whether consumer demand will truly tilt the regulatory scales. Hemp and CBD will make an appearance in multiple sessions, as companies struggle to determine an appropriate delivery method, testing protocol and best supply chain partner. The full day Summit, CBD from Seed to Shelf: The Supply Side Story, will delve into aspects from seed selection and choosing a lab partner into regulatory compliance and manufacturing considerations.

The education program will include:

GMP and Regulatory Compliance Training Program

Connect with leading good manufacturing practice (GMP) experts and get the latest critical learnings that will elevate your business. We've teamed up with NSF International to offer training courses on some of the most important issues facing the global health & nutrition industry.  Separate registration required.


Two to three-hour workshops allow a breadth of information, including market trends/demographics, clinical research on ingredients, formulation considerations, regulatory changes and impacts, and much more. SupplySide West workshops are designed to showcase where science and strategy intersect to help you successfully develop effective product development and go-to-market strategies.  Separate registration required.

This year, the SupplySide and Food ingredients teams are collaborating on four special co-branded workshops on hot industry topics: Sweeteners, Beverages, Colors/Flavors and Plant-Based Nutrition.


Looking to take a deep dive into two of the hottest markets around? This year, SupplySide West is offering two full-day summits. The first, “CBD from Seed to Shelf: The Supply Side Story,” will offer proprietary market trend data, insights on seed genetics and extraction technologies, testing considerations and active discussion of the regulatory landscape. The second, “Finding New Pathways in Sports Nutrition,” is designed to first explore new approaches to ideation and market innovation, and then showcase emerging ingredients that will fuel development of new products serving the active consumer. Separate registration required.

Food ingredients North America

Food ingredients North America is designed to connect and educate professionals across the food and beverage value chain. Please join us at the Food ingredients North America theater on the show floor Thursday and Friday for educational content focused on the latest market updates, innovations, and consumer insights driving change and creating opportunities in the food ingredients industry.

Featured Sessions

This year, SupplySide West is offering two featured sessions. Join us Thursday morning for the interactive panel discussion "DSHEA @ 25: Legal Reform and the Future of the Law". This session will look at the past twenty-five years since the passage of the Dietary Supplement Health & Education Act (DSHEA), and its future and new expectations. 

On Friday morning, you’re invited to the featured session “Accelerating Growth in the Organic Market.” You’ll learn more about global regulatory issues related to organic imports; the top ways marketers can positively impact the availability and breadth of organic ingredients; and the creative solutions being developed to address the critical challenges facing the organic supply chain.

SupplySide Central

SupplySide Central is where science and strategy intersect in a live, interactive forum. Located in the Expo Hall, SupplySide Central offers interactive, quick-paced programming around some of the hottest topics affecting the industry.

Breakfast & Lunch Briefs

Looking for scientific insights on some of the hottest ingredients around? These sponsored presentations feature research experts delving into their cutting-edge clinical findings on key nutritional offerings and the potential they hold for new product development in the dietary supplement and functional food and beverage market. Separate registration required.

AHPA Botanical Congress

AHPA's 8th Annual Botanical Congress will provide guidance to dietary supplement ingredient suppliers, manufacturers and affiliated firms that bear the burden of regulatory compliance. This unique, one-day event features a wide array of industry experts offering first-hand experience, education and information. Separate registration required.

Supplier Presentation Theater

The Supplier Presentation Theater is one of the most effective ways to learn about new and innovative ingredient technologies. These exhibitor-sponsored presentations are devoted to ingredient-and service-specific science, applications, formulation and marketing and are free to all visitors.