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What's New for 2020

The SupplySide West & Food ingredients North America (FiNA) 2020 education program will take a new approach incorporating digital and in-person content programming. This approach offers the best of both worlds to help our industry learn and connect in ways that work best for them given the current state of affairs.

We’ve updated our scheduling to optimize our visitors’ ability to engage with all aspects of the SupplySide & Food ingredients North America event. At the 2020 event, visitors will be able to spend more time on the show floor while also being able to participate in more content & education compared to past years.

Panel Discussions

Exchange of Ideas

Unique interactive components to drive provacative conversations around key industry challenges and opportunities



An overall emphasis on networking and the ability to meet industry players that can support long-term business growth

[NEW FOR 2020] Pre-Show Webinars

This year’s SupplySide West & Food ingredients North America event will feature a pre-show webinar component which will allow you to dive head first into the latest updates, innovations, and “must-knows” on a variety of industry topics before arriving in Las Vegas.

The below four webinars are included with the SupplySide West & Food ingredients North America Global Pass or available a la carte for a nominal investment. Full pricing and registration details coming soon.

From active consumers to gamers, students and business professionals, optimizing cognitive performance is an increasingly popular pursuit that provides an expanding target for brands and formulators. This session will look at environmental and lifestyle impacts on cognitive performance as well as nootropics and related cognitive ingredients, detailing mechanisms of action and potential benefits. Also, it will shine a light on the gaming community and how brands can target gamers with focus, attention, stress, vision and energy solutions.

Despite living through a pandemic and a bad economy, many consumers prefer brands that prioritize sustainable and environmentally friendly business practices. Packaging is a front-and-center, can-hold-in-your-hand reminder of how a brand’s operation affects the world. It’s clear from consumer surveys that sustainable packaging is in and single-use plastic is out. This session will help brands choose the best packaging option for their natural product.

Marketers and manufacturers of dietary supplements must constantly adapt to evolving regulations and closely monitor state and federal agencies’ enforcement priorities, as well as related trends in class action lawsuits. This workshop will explore prominent civil and criminal federal enforcement actions brought by FDA against executives and their companies, implications for the broader industry, and related class action litigation.

Supplement brands must identify and quantify active compounds in their products to ensure they are safe, effective and legal; however, many brands do not have the expertise or equipment in-house to appropriately tests their ingredients and products. Thousands of different compounds are on the marketplace today, leading brands with many questions regarding testing lab partners. Choosing the right lab partners is critical to a successful operation.

[NEW FOR 2020] Workshops that stream live

Can’t be in-person at this year’s event? We’ve got you covered! Four of our two-hour long workshops during SupplySide West & Food ingredients North America will be livestreamed. Learn from industry experts on such topics as immunity, plant-based trends, healthy ageing, and hemp & CBD.

The below four livestreamed workshops are included with the SupplySide West & Food ingredients North America Global Pass or available a la carte for a nominal investment. Full pricing and registration details coming soon.

In a world of emerging infectious diseases, like COVID-19, antiviral resistant influenza and antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections, immune health is top of mind to consumers who are turning to nutrition and dietary supplements to help keep them as healthy as possible. However, brands must use efficacious dosages of identity-tested ingredients while ensuring they are sending appropriate marketing messages that don’t claim natural products treat, cure, mitigate or prevent diseases.

Plant-based eating is a red-hot category driven by consumer demand for delicious products that are minimally processed, made from clean label ingredients, and align with their values related to health and wellness, sustainability and econ-consciousness. Brands looking to enter the market or expand their plant-based portfolios must focus on clean label while improving the nutritional profile, taste and texture properties of products with novel ingredients from nature sourced in a sustainable manner.

Healthy aging starts at the cellular level. This workshop will help attendees understand the science behind ingredients—including collagen, antioxidants, CBD and more—that can help consumers age healthfully and happily. We’ll explore how brand can understand and capitalize on healthy aging trends of personalized nutrition and epigenetics. Plus, we’ll offer an examination of market sizing and brand positioning in the healthy aging sector.

2020 is the year of CBD consolidation, regulatory burdens, consumer uncertainty, sales channel shifts and more. This all-day summit will help brands understand the current market shifts for hemp and CBD supplements, foods and beverages, with a focus on consumer market data, sourcing and quality challenges, USDA and FDA regulations, running a CBD business, an exploration of non-CBD cannabinoids, and a guide to ensuring claims match science.

2020 Official GMP Training Program

Connect with leading good manufacturing practice (GMP) experts and get the latest critical learnings that will elevate your business. We've teamed up with NSF International to offer training courses on some of the most important issues facing the global health & nutrition industry.

Separate registration is required for all courses. NSF produces the only GMP Training that is officially sanctioned by SupplySide West. When developing your SupplySide West plans and registering for events, please be cautious of organizations offering similar courses that are not connected to SupplySide West.

2020 On-Site Education Program Coming Soon...

Maximize your experience at SupplySide West & Food ingredients North America by attending our in-depth education sessions. We offer more than 140 hours of education, covering a wide variety of topics for the health and nutrition industry. Whether you are looking for GMP Training courses, or information on market trends, formulation considerations or regulatory changes—we've got you covered.