SupplySide West Call for Speakers

Final Deadline: March 12, 2021

The SupplySide West & Food ingredients North America event is currently accepting speaker applications for the fall show, October 25-28, at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, as well as digital events hosted on SupplySide Network 365. SupplySide West & Food ingredients North America brings together ingredient buyers and suppliers from the dietary supplement, food and beverage, personal care and sports nutrition industries. The SupplySide Education Program, in person and online, serves as a resource to consumer product manufacturers who create, formulate, and market finished products in the health and nutrition industry. We aim to provide valuable content on current trends, market opportunities, research, science, regulatory challenges and more. We invite you to submit a proposal on any topic of choice. 

Topics of interest identified by the SupplySide content team include:

Children & Toddler Nutrition
• COVID-19’s effect on how parents shop for and feed their kids.
• Trending ingredients and preparations for infants, toddlers, children and teenagers.
• Strategies to formulate better-for-you foods for kids.

Contract Manufacturing
• How to conduct virtual inspections and audits.
• Best practices for partnerships in a virtual era.
• Lessons learned from recent recalls.

Flavors and Colors for Functional Foods and Beverages
• A market landscape look at popular and emerging flavors and ingredients.
• Trending flavors in specific categories such as confectionery, beverage, savory and salty snacks.
• Formulation considerations for natural flavors and colors.

• A look at the history and expected trajectory of the hemp and CBD market.
• Regulatory update at the federal and state levels.
• Emerging science related to health conditions.
• The market for hemp and CBD in foods and beverages, as well formulation concerns and tactics.

Immune Health
• Hottest ingredients post-COVID and how to effectively leverage rising demand.
• Responding to supply chain issues of hot ingredients during the pandemic.

• Science and research on anti-inflammatory ingredients and various health conditions.
• Treads and innovation in anti-inflammatory CPG products on the market.

• Growing science behind the microflora’s role in immune and cognitive function.
• Pro, pre- and postbiotic ingredients, and other nutrients that can strengthen and support the microbiome.
• Sales and product innovations for microbiome-focused products.

Personalized Nutrition
• Formulating supplements tailored to specific nutritional needs and epigenetics.
• Nutrition paired with wellness apps, wearable devices and genetic profile testing.

Plant-Based Nutrition
• Nutritional analysis of trending ingredients including proteins, texturants, flavors, colors, bulking agents, fibers, fruits and vegetables.
• Formulation considerations for plant-based foods and beverages.
• Labeling and regulatory concerns.
• Supply chain demand and sustainable sourcing.
• Demographics interested in adopting flexitarian/plant-based diet styles.

• Primer on different types of prebiotics.
• Research and formulation on human milk oligosaccharides (HMOs).
• Prebiotic synergies with other ingredients.
• Regulatory and market updates.

• Genome editing/CRISPR approaches to engineering probiotics.
• Benefits/challenges of combining probiotics with other ingredients.
• Science on specific strains and the targeted formulations they support.
• Spore-formers formulation and health benefits compared to other probiotics.
• Regulatory and market updates.

• Challenges and advantages of different plant- and animal-sourced proteins.
• The advantages and considerations of protein blends.
• Innovative formulations on the market, including flavors.

• COVID-19’s effect on the market.
• Category whitespace and innovative product launches.
• Ingredient and formulation trends.

Sports Nutrition
• Sports beverages market demand, legal considerations and innovation.
• E-gaming ingredients and delivery formats.

Stress and Sleep
• The pandemic’s impact on stress and sleep.
• Ingredients shown through research to address stress and sleep.
• Mechanisms and indirect impact on performance and immune health.

Supplement Delivery formats
• Delivery format trends and innovations.
• Pros and cons for controlled release and the best ingredients/health conditions for such tech.
• The legalities/limitations of novel delivery forms.

Supply Chain Security
• Formulating for retail gatekeepers, such as Amazon and CVS.
• COVID-19’s effect on supply chain and sourcing.
• Blockchain’s ability to further security and transparency in supplement ingredient sourcing.
• Transparency, ethical business behavior and environmental stewardship.

The deadline for submissions is February 26, 2021 and no later than March 12, 2021. Please be specific when describing the content of your session and also include your preferred format, such as in-person, online only, small group breakout, panel discussions, etc. Sessions must be educational and non-promotional in nature. Any proposal that is deemed promotional in nature will not be considered.

Be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Submitter's contact information
  • Proposed speaker’s contact information
  • Proposed speaker’s biography
  • Working Session Title
  • Session Abstract
  • 5 Learning Objectives
  • Preferred format

Should your proposal be selected to be a part of the conference program you will be notified directly via the email address provided in your proposal. Due to the large number of proposals we receive, you will not be notified if your proposal is not selected. If you have questions, please contact education managers, Jenna Fitch and Jen Taylor, [email protected] and [email protected].