Thursday, October 17 | Noon-5pm

Friday, October 18 | 10:30am-4pm 

Location: Expo Hall, Booth #5759

SupplySide Central is where science & strategy intersect in a live, interactive forum. Located in the expo hall, SupplySide Central offers a variety of interactive, quick-paced programming, designed to delve into some of the hot topics facing the industry. From the SupplySide Launchpad, where exhibitors will highlight their new products, to the NEXTY SupplySide Awards, where we will recognize the most innovative product launches in supplements and food and beverage, SupplySide Central is designed to be a hub of activity in the expo hall. The SupplySide Central Stage is located in Booth #5759 and sessions are open to all participants.

Thursday, October 17

SupplySide Launchpad


SupplySide Launchpad showcases some of the latest innovative launches from across the global health and nutrition space. Stop in for these short, quick-hitting talks

  • What is the product/ingredient?
  • What are its benefits?
  • What is the science behind it?
  • What are the applications and opportunities for product development?


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Ensuring Purity and Potency Through the USP Verification. A Case Study: Saw Palmetto


Saw Palmetto extract market has been challenged with adulterated and fake extract products sold worldwide straining the supplier/consumer relationship. USPlus® Saw Palmetto has successfully completed USP's rigorous Dietary Ingredient Verification Program, which evaluated adherence to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and officially recognized quality standards. USP DIVP helps ingredient manufacturers ensure compliance with GMP requirements and reduce risk while also providing them with a way to differentiate their dietary ingredients in an increasingly competitive global market.


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New Generation of Prebiotic Designed by Mothers for Digestive Health and More


Speaker: Dr. Ardythe L. Morrow, PhD, MSC, Professor Emerita Epidemiology, Pediatrics and Nutrition, University of Cincinnati & Cincinnati Children's Hospital

Interested in carving out a unique niche in the digestive health space? 2’-FL is a human prebiotic, along with some other human milk oligosaccharides (HMOs), that most people have ingested at one point in their lifetime. It selectively stimulates the growth of beneficial bacteria to shape the microbiome and immune system. Its potential extends beyond infants to adults to address digestive comfort. Hear from a medical expert about the science, benefits and application possibilities of PREBILAC™ 2’FL—designed by mothers, produced by BASF, endorsed by science.


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Consumer Driven Product Design


Today’s values-driven consumers expect more from the brands and products they use. As consumers seek products that help them live longer, healthier lives, manufacturers need product strategy that guides them from “now” to “next” - thoughtfully designed, relevant products that delight consumers and respect the planet, and help them build the value for their brands. Get new proprietary insights about consumers’ health aspirations and benefits they want in their products they are seeking to live a healthy, active lifestyle.


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New Ingredients Driving Marketplace Growth


Join BrandHive to preview emerging branded ingredients driving consumer interest in improved health and daily performance. These science-backed nutrients are fueling supply channel innovation.


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Sustainability & Stewardship – Protecting Our Oceans


The ocean covers 70% of our planet, and is a unique, diverse system with a critical role to play in the world’s future. It is also the source of myriad unique ingredients with health-promoting capabilities. However, we are facing a crisis in ocean biodiversity, and only by banding together can we implement truly sustainable solutions that will protect the future of this precious resource. Join us for an interactive discussion of the importance of stewardship in protecting our oceans; the questions that buyers should ask when sourcing marine-based ingredients; and a case study on efforts by Aker BioMarine to protect the Antarctic and the resources it offers. Don’t miss this inspirational call to action with insights on the roles we each play in creating and protecting a sustainable supply chain.


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Market Trends in Supplements and Nutraceuticals


Presented by Innova Market Insights

Speaker: Tom Vierhile, VP Strategic Insights, North America

Innovation around specific health conditions, need states, novel ingredients, and diverse delivery systems are driving growth and opportunity in supplements and nutraceuticals. This presentation will examine the industry’s growing focus on cognitive health, rising interest in herbal and botanical ingredients, embrace of customization, and proliferation of more food-like delivery systems.

CarnoPrime: Unleashing the Power of Beta-Alanine


The pre-workout product category is booming, but undesirable side effects associated with beta-alanine are resulting in formulations with less than efficacious doses. Join Dr. Hector Lopez, MS, as he unveils the science behind CarnoPrime, a new patented ingredient that unleashes the full potential of beta-alanine by reducing paresthesia, or “tingles”, associated with the performance-enhancing ingredient. Users can work out longer and harder, and brands can deliver up to 6.4 grams of beta-alanine per serving with no undesirable side effects.


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Catalyzing Climate Action in the Health and Nutrition Industry


Presented by the Climate Collaborative, American Botanical Council and American Herbal Products Association

Ann Armbrecht, Director, Sustainable Herbs Program, American Botanical Council
Erin Callahan, Director, Climate Collaborative, Herb Pharm
Matt Dybala, Farm Manager, Herb Pharm
Sara Newmark, VP of Social Impact, MegaFood

Climate change presents a huge opportunity--and risk--for companies with agricultural supply chains, and more than ever, consumers want to see the businesses they purchase do more to reduce their footprint. In this panel, you'll hear from experts like MegaFood and Herb Pharm, and the Climate Collaborative, on how health and nutrition companies are making  climate action core to their mission, and how doing so has not only reduced their climate impacts, but improved their business and relationships with customers.

Friday, October 18

Formulas for the Perfect Product Listing on Amazon


Presented by Chris Rawlings, Judolaunch

Most brands don’t realize the impact that images and product descriptions have on a customer's decision-making process. This presentation will teach you how to take advantage of the expensive real estate that is your Amazon product listing. 


Inside the Bottle: Collaborating for a Transparent Supplement Industry


This session will break down NEXT Data & Insights and Inside the Bottle research that reveals why transparency and traceability are the most important supplement industry practices—and how to make them a reality for your business. 


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Market Trends in Functional Food & Beverages


Presented by Innova Market Insights

Speaker: Tom Vierhile, VP Strategic Insights, North America

Today’s consumer recognizes that food and beverage choices directly impact physical and mental health. This mindset is driving innovation around specific health conditions and desired outcomes, like disease prevention, stress relief, and emotional wellbeing. See how innovators are using novel ingredients, unique formulations, delivery systems, and more to enhance functionality.

How Digital Transformation Accelerates New Product Development


Presented by TraceGains

With major shifts in consumer priorities and changing sales channels, pressure for food, beverage, and supplement companies to innovate is at an all-time high. Yet the new product development process is rife with challenges from poor collaboration to fragmented supply chains and internal silos. Old school ways of sourcing, communicating and collaborating have evolved through digital transformation. Hear how leading companies are solving NPD challenges and speeding innovation.

Nexty Awards at SupplySide West


The NEXTY Awards at SupplySide West recognize innovation, inspiration and integrity across a range of finished product categories—from condition-specific supplements and nutrient delivery innovation to functional food/beverage and brand storytelling. One winner in each category will be honored on stage at the NEXTY SupplySide Awards presentation!

Real-World Best Practices: Suppliers Using Data to Drive Success


Presented by:
Amanda Hartt, Data Analyst, NEXT Data & Insights
Eric Pierce, VP, Business Insights, NEXT Data & Insights

Data is a key component that helps companies elevate their decision making prowess and drive business growth. Myriad challenges from supply chain complexity and shifting distribution channels make accessing reliable data about the natural products industry more complex. However, creative solutions exist that can deliver the knowledge ingredient manufacturers and suppliers are seeking. Join us for a discussion of the innovative ways marketers, sales professionals and client services teams are using marketplace research data to improve decision making, create competitive advantage, and win—and retain—new business.

Don’t Return It…Burn It: Addressing Adulteration by Destroying Irreparably Defective Ingredients


Presented by:
American Botanical Council, NOW Health and Pharmavite

A new program will soon provide a supplier-buyer contract template to reduce or halt the resale of irreparably defective articles into the supply chain. When will this program be implemented by leading suppliers, manufacturers and brands? How will it help the industry keep adulterated ingredients from re-entering the supply chain after being rejected? Learn about the progress of this groundbreaking program from representatives of the American Botanical Council, NOW Health Group and Pharmavite.

Sourcing for Impact: Building Supply Chain Relationships that Boost the Environment & Business


Presented by the Climate Collaborative, American Botanical Council and American Herbal Products Association 

Josef A. Brinckmann, Research Fellow, Traditional Medicinals, Inc.
Rupa Das, Vice President of Global Quality & Compliance, BI Nutraceuticals

In this panel, Josef Brinckmann, Traditional Medicinals Research Fellow, and Rupa Das, VP of Global Quality & Compliance for BI Nutraceuticals, will discuss the challenges and opportunities of cross-stakeholder collaboration in building sustainability into supply chain networks.

What Consumers Want in a Supplement Brand


Presented by Tracey Landau, President + Partner, MarketPlace 

Wellness consumers find touch points throughout the day to make time for their personal health. To better understand consumers’ awareness, attitudes, and behaviors related to supplements and the wellness economy, MarketPlace conducted a survey of supplement users. To deepen our understanding of the quantitative data, we also asked respondents to provide video responses to open-ended questions, which were analyzed using MarketPlace’s content analysis methodology. The quantitative results of the study demonstrate patterns and actionable trends within the consumer wellness economy. In addition, the qualitative findings provide highly informative context to the survey results..

The CBD Effect: the Present and Future of Cannabinoid Market


Presented by Roy Bingham, CEO, BDS Analytics

With the growing interest and popularity of hemp-derived cannabinoids within CPG industries, understanding the legal cannabis market and the consumer has quickly become essential for developing successful market strategies. This presentation will focus on the U.S. cannabinoid market scale and growth, the rise of brand and product development, and an in-depth look at the “new" consumer and how these individuals are impacting the cannabinoid markets of today and the future. These unique insights present a greater opportunity to map the growth and trends of the up-and-coming global cannabis market—expert knowledge already in high demand across all consumer industries.

Social Media Influencers Take on SupplySide


Consumers today are listening to influencers online, taking advice on what to buy, what to eat, what to avoid and much more. But what are these influencers saying about the nutrition and food ingredients in the SupplySide space? Two leading nutrition industry influencers—Dawn Jackson Blatner, RDN (@djblatner) and Jason Wrobel (@JasonWrobel)—will be walking the expo hall and then sharing their impressions of the healthy ingredients world in this interactive dialogue. Don’t miss the chance to hear directly what resonates with these thought leaders and how to better connect with consumers.