2020 NEXTY Awards at SupplySide West

Recognizing supplement, food, beverage and branding innovation

The NEXTY Awards are returning to SupplySide West for 2020! The NEXTY Awards at SupplySide West recognize innovation, inspiration and integrity across a range of finished product categories—from condition-specific supplements and nutrient delivery innovation to functional food/beverage and brand storytelling. Entering your product for a NEXTY award offers unprecedented exposure to the SupplySide, Natural Products Insider and Food & Beverage Insider content teams and unique recognition at SupplySide West.

Have an innovation you think is #NEXTY worthy? Nominate it before August 17, 2020 and stand out to the visitors and exhibitors of SupplySide West & Food ingredients North America. 

Who can apply?: Finished products must be submitted by the consumer packaged goods brands or their representatives, not by ingredient or component suppliers, and must have been launched to the U.S. consumer market between summer 2019 and July 2020. Product prototypes are not eligible. 

Entry submission is open until August 17, 2020 for the following categories:

  • Best Allergen-Free Product 
  • Best Brand Storytelling on New Product
  • Best Clean Label Food/Beverage
  • Best Condition-Specific Supplement
  • Best Digestive Health Product
  • Best Functional Food/Beverage
  • Best Life Stage-Specific Supplement
  • Best Multivitamin
  • Best Nutrient Delivery Innovation
  • Best Product for Pet/Animal Health
  • Best Sports Nutrition Food/Beverage
  • Best Sports Nutrition Supplement
  • Best Supply Chain Partnership


How to Win

The NEXTY Awards are the premiere recognition of excellence in the natural products industry. Winning products represent what’s NEXT … in wellness trends, in solving today’s health and sustainability problems, in ingredient innovation, in packaging, in condition management, in supply chain growth and transparency, and in health impact.

Above all else, the editors and judges use the following criteria to determine whether a product is worthy of a coveted NEXTY Award.


To stand out to the judges, give special attention to the fields on the nomination form where you’re given an opportunity to explain how this product meets the criteria of innovation, inspiration and integrity.

Innovation: The product or company shows truly creative thinking and execution (not a "me too" approach); uses a newly discovered or rediscovered ingredient, flavor profile, technique or process; fills a legitimate (though perhaps not yet recognized) natural products market need or niche; and/or is predicted to have longer-term impact in the

Inspiration: The product or company adheres to an unusual or new mission targeting an issue or problem not yet widely addressed; its message/mission is clearly communicated, focused and effective, with real, wide-reaching potential or already proven positive social or environmental impact.

Integrity: The product or company takes a creative, next-gen approach to clean ingredient(s), sustainability, transparency, traceability and safety/security.

Frequently Asked Questions

Products launched and available for purchase to the U.S. consumer market between summer 2019 and July 2020.

All companies entering must have at least one company member registered to attend SupplySide West. Agency representatives do not count toward this requirement

Yes, please send two (2) product samples per product entry for judging analysis.

Since our offices are currently closed due to COVID-19, please send to the below address before August 17, 2020:

Attn: Danielle Dunlap
Informa Markets
20818 N. 13th Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85004

In the case that your product is extremely large and too difficult to mail for judging, please send any relevant product photos and/or product sheets that will assist the judges in making their decisions.

Products must be available for purchase by consumers by July 2020.

We often have nominations for brand-new products that are still in temporary or final packaging stages. Please send the most finished product that you can along with any packaging mock-ups or notes that convey further attributes to the judges.

No, products may only be submitted in one category.

A single product line should be submitted, however, we ask that you send no more than 3 flavors for the judges to consider during judging. For example: A company has two product lines: a high-protein milk in 5 flavors AND organic high-protein milk in 5 flavors. If they wanted to enter both of these product lines for a NEXTY award, this would count as two separate nominations. The company can send up to 3 of the flavors in each product line for the judges to evaluate.

You can send up to 3 flavors of the same product line. If you have more than 3 flavors, please select the three that best represent your product line and send only those.

Your product cannot win a NEXTY Award in the same category that it has already won, however, it is eligible to be considered in different categories.

Products nominated in this category should highlight a strong partnership(s) between a brand and an ingredient producer(s)/supplier(s), as well as responsible and transparent sourcing of ingredients. In your nomination, explain how your partnership with a named supplier(s) have helped develop a healthier, better product and strengthens supply chain quality and transparency)

Yes, your product will need to meet Informa Health & Nutrition Ingredient Standards & Guidelines, which are the same standards and guidelines in place at the SupplySide Expos. The Informa Health & Nutrition Standards team will evaluate product prior to the judging process and remove any products that do not meet our standards for ingredients and efficacy.

The NEXTY categories are a reflection of the product categories that exhibit/attend at our SupplySide Expos. While some categories have remained consistent throughout the history of the NEXTY Awards, new product categories have been developed specific to the SupplySide audience in mind such as Best Condition-Specific Supplement.

Check out the 2019 Winners

This slideshow highlights the NEXTY Awards at SupplySide West. While all of our finalists showcased new and exciting offerings in categories such as allergen-free, sports nutrition, pet health, delivery format, brand storytelling and more, some products stood above the rest.