Health & Safety

Your health and safety is our top priority

*Please check this page regularly for health and safety updates.  Last update 3/05/2021

The health & safety of our SupplySide community remains our top priority as we return to in-person events. We are making preparations to run SupplySide West in accordance with all national government and local authority guidance, as well as adapting the Informa AllSecure Plan, Informa’s approach to ensuring the highest standards of safety, hygiene, cleanliness and operational effectiveness for all show participants.

We will be updating this page in the coming weeks with more detailed information around what you can expect when you attend SupplySide West and the measures we will be putting in place to ensure your safety. 


Enhanced Cleaning & Hygiene

  • All cleaning practices have been thoroughly enhanced to ensure we are exceeding standards for disinfecting and hygiene with an increased focus on key touchpoints, including high-traffic areas, handles and rails, restrooms, food & beverage areas, registration desks and conference rooms.
  • SupplySide West will be deploying electrostatic disinfection systems on a regular basis to sanitize the show floor and lobby, plus Show Management areas such as Registration, Show Office, etc.
  • All of the venues high contact surfaces will be disinfected continuously throughout the day. Hand sanitizer stations will be conveniently placed throughout the facility and show floor.
  • All chemicals are regularly reviewed and renewed to ensure they are of the highest quality in fighting against viruses.
  • The collection and removal of waste will be increased, and receptacles will be continuously disinfected throughout the show. There will also be an increased number of waste management attendants throughout the campus area.
  • Exhibitor booth sanitization services will be available in the Exhibitor Service Kit
  • Exhibitors will adhere to a new set of sampling regulations which will be enforced by Show Management.

Physical Distancing Guidelines

  • SupplySide West will apply crowd density standards, in accordance with local and state authorities’ guidance, to control the density of the show floor and gathering spaces and allow for appropriate physical distancing.
  • One-way directional arrows will be put in place to designate entrances and exits and traffic flow where appropriate.
  • Ambassadors will be deployed throughout the event to monitor flow of traffic and mitigate key density points to support physical distancing.
  • Chairs will be distanced in conference sessions with reduced capacities for all rooms.
  • Food and beverage services will be modified to minimize contact and restrict any self-servicing, including pre-packaged options, designated eating areas and increased attendants.
  • Physical greetings, such as handshakes and the exchange of business cards, are discouraged.
  • Signage will be placed throughout the facility and campus with reminders of health & safety measures, along with frequent public addresses.


  • The location(s) of Registration are being reevaluated to ensure a more organized, distanced flow of traffic. 
  • Registration lines will have signage such as floor stickers or stanchion toppers to note required distance between individuals.
  • SupplySide West will continue to implement and enforce the registration qualification process to maximize the interactions with the highest quality of attendees while maintaining crowd density standards.
  • Limited Contact Registration 
    • All registration counters will be equipped with plexiglass shields.
    • SupplySide West will be working with our registration provider to ensure registration does not require direct contact with a SupplySide representative.
    • We encourage everyone to register online prior to the event to ensure the onsite experience is streamlined. Encouraging advanced, online registration provides an achievable means to minimize onsite contact at several touchpoints. That effort combined with the reduction of lines, allows visitors to enjoy a safe and enhanced experience where their time onsite is maximized for effectiveness.

Personal Protective Measures

  • Visitors and exhibitors are required to wear masks while on property at Mandalay Bay. If you cannot wear a mask, for medical reasons, you will be required to wear a face shield in lieu of a mask. As we continue to monitor the current health crisis, this requirement may change. All SupplySide West team members and vendors will be required to wear masks. Masks will be available for those who do not have their own.
  • All SupplySide West team members will receive infection prevention and control training.
  • There will be an increased number of First Aid stations and first responders throughout the event. These efforts will continue to be in coordination with local authorities and medical personnel.

What is Mandalay Bay Doing?

To prepare for the moment when Mandalay Bay could re-open their doors, the MGM Resorts team worked with medical experts to develop a plan that allows them to welcome you back. Their “Seven-Point Safety Plan” is a comprehensive, multi-layered approach with guidance from public health experts. To view the full safety plan, please click here.

  • Screening, Temperature Checks & Employee Training: Extensive employee protocols have been put in place including screening questions, employee temperature checks and training programs on health and safety protocols.
  • Mandatory Masks & Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): Masks are required for all guests inside public spaces and outdoors on the pool deck with limited exceptions at all MGM Resorts properties across the United States. Employees are required to wear an approved mask while working at one of their properties. Gloves will continue to be worn by employees who require them to do their jobs.
    • Please note, at this time COVID-19 vaccines are not considered a special accommodation for MGM’s mandatory mask policy.
  • Physical Distancing: 6-foot physical distancing policies have been implemented throughout the resort with floor guides to assist and remind guests. Where this isn’t feasible, plexiglass barriers, face shields or clear signage have been added.
  • Handwashing & Enhanced Sanitation: Guests at Mandalay Bay will have easy access to custom-built handwashing stations and hand sanitizer throughout the property. Cleaning protocols have been improved, with a focus on high-touch surfaces and common areas using cleaning products that meet EPA guidelines.
  • HVAC Controls and Air Quality: Rigorous measures have been taken to provide as much outside air circulation as possible throughout the buildings and guest rooms with air filters that meet or exceed published standards.
  • Incident Response Protocols: In the unfortunate event a guest or employee tests positive for the virus, Mandalay Bay will activate protocols and leverage their trained staff to respond quickly so that exposed areas are thoroughly sanitized. MGM has medical and trained security personnel on staff to respond quickly in the event of an incident.
  • Digital Innovations: Several aspects of the guest experience have been reimagined through technology to transition previous processes into contactless options for guests. The arrival experience is now in the hands of the customers, enabling them to complete the check-in process themselves, from beginning to end. Guests will no longer need to wait in line, if they so choose. For guests without smart phones or prefer not to use, there will be a line-reduced environment designed with our customers in mind.

In addition to the safety protocols in place for SupplySide West 2021, Mandalay Bay has been awarded the Global Biorisk Advisory Council (GBAC) STAR facility accreditation by ISSA, the Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association. The GBAC program is considered the gold standard for safe facilities, and was designed to control the risks associated with infectious agents, including COVID-19.



The above information is subject to change as we continue to track this situation and receive guidance from state and local health authorities, MGM Resorts, the CDC and WHO, and we will provide regular and timely updates to help the community best prepare for SupplySide West.