Sustainability at SupplySide West & Food ingredients North America

We know sustainability is increasingly important to our visitors and exhibitors, as well as to our community as a whole. Operating SupplySide West gives us many opportunities to improve our impacts environmentally, socially and economically in our host city. Our team is driven to make our event more responsible and to also play a key role in helping our market improve its own sustainability.

Our Three Aims

We believe a sustainable event focuses on three key aims--click below to learn about our efforts in each of these categories:


We focus on:

  • Using our content to support the sustainability of the market the event serves
  • Inspiring our suppliers, exhibitors and other stakeholders to deliver a sustainable event 
  • Developing market relevant partnerships

Our efforts include:


  • Education programs at SupplySide follow the footsteps of our legacy B2B media brands, which have helped CPG brands source, create and develop successful health and nutrition products for close to 30 years. 
  • SupplySide’s approach has always been content-forward, covering major industry issues, examining trends and predicating future market movement. Companies in the health & nutrition space have been front runners in their care for environmental sustainability, giving us a great opportunity to be early adaptors in the coverage we provide in that area. 
  • SupplySide’s market is also full of innovation and start-ups, so we have a large and long-lasting focus on empowering entrepreneurs and small businesses. - At SupplySide West, four sessions of the conference program (Microbiome, Plant-Based, Immune Health and E-Sports) will be livestreamed through SupplySide Network 365, aiding in accessibility to audience members who might otherwise be disconnected due to current circumstances. 
  • The keynote, which will be provided by executive coach and author Simon T. Bailey, is speaking on “Leading with Spark: Create a Culture Where Everyone Matters,” where he will cover how businesses can create a culture of inclusion to boost innovation internally and maintain customer relationships for maximum revenue. 
  • Other sessions focus on environmental sustainability, empowering entrepreneurs and small businesses, and offer diverse and inclusive speakers.


We focus on:

  • Reducing our event’s carbon emissions
  • Creating less waste 
  • Considering sustainability credentials of the items sourced for the event

Our efforts include:


  • Renewable Energy: 
    • SupplySide West is powered by 100% renewable electricity making the electricity use carbon neutral.
    • We use an established global process to pay a premium to renewable electricity producers. These Energy Attribution Certificates (EACs) allow us to match our electricity usage with the required amount of green energy. This creates additional incentives for generators to invest in renewable power. We are still trying to use less electricity overall for our events, but this process ensures it’s as sustainable as possible
  • The energy efficiency at SupplySide West has been increased through initiatives such as shutting off hall lighting and booth power overnight and using technology so that escalators power down when not in use. 
  • Mandalay Bay provides energy efficient lighting within the expo halls


  • Aisle Carpet has been removed from the expo halls, saving 275,373 sq. ft of carpet, padding, and visqueen.
  • Water stations are available throughout the event rather than single-use water bottles. 
  • Designated cardboard drop-off areas are placed throughout the show floor to increase recycling efforts
  • The use of polybags has been eliminated from expo previews, resulting in 32,000 plastic bags no longer being used as covers.
  • Mandalay Bay sorts all trash prior to pickup to maximize waste diverted from landfill. 
  • Falcon Board (cardboard based material) is used for printed show signs
  • Digital Kiosks are used and help reduce printed advertising
  • SupplySide collaborates with general service contractor to re-use structures and signage for future events 
  • Recycle & Landfill bins are placed throughout the SupplySide event


  • Carbon Offset: 
    • While registering for SupplySide West & Food ingredients North America, attendees are provided with the option to purchase carbon offsets to compensate for the emissions produced by their flight.
    • Carbon offsets are designed to counterbalance any unavoidable carbon footprint by funding an equivalent carbon saving elsewhere in the world. Through paying a carbon offset fee, attendees help others reduce, remove or avoid emissions being generated.
    • The projects supported include Amazonian Rainforest Conversation in Brazil, Household Biodigester Distribution in China, Domestic Energy Systems in India, Teak Afforestation in Mexico, American Grasslands Conservation in USA and Reserve Preservation in Borneo. To learn more about these carbon offset projects please click here.
    • These projects bring a whole host of other positive benefits, such as empowering communities and increasing their wellbeing, protecting ecosystems, creating jobs and reducing reliance on fossil fuels.
    • The price for the carbon offset is determined by the quantity of CO2 emissions that an airplane gives off per passenger for a given flight distance.
    • We partnered with Natural Capital Partners to ensure support of certified and audited carbon offset projects around the world. All the projects supported are independently verified to assure emission reductions are occurring.


  • Show Guides and other materials are printed on recycled paper 
  • The printed show guide has been redesigned to maximize efficiency of paper usage, and there is increased promotion towards downloading a digital version of the show guide and utilizing the event’s mobile app.        
  • Exhibitors and sponsors are encouraged to share information digitally rather than through printed materials.
  • Lanyards are made from PET recycled materials (plastic bottles and other plastic packaging)
  • Mandalay Bay has discontinued the 7oz plastic cups & only uses plain, compostable white cups for all water stations. Additionally, they use all Leafware products which are 100% compostable. A variety of vegan and vegetarian options are offered during food and beverage functions.

We focus on:

  • Doing business safely and ethically
  • Considering wellbeing and accessibility
  • Creating a positive impact on our host cities
  • Measuring our impacts

Our efforts include:


  • SupplySide supports local businesses by partnering with GetInformed - a Las Vegas hospitality expert organization to offer concierge service to our participants. 
  • SupplySide works with local vendors to help support the local community
  • SupplySide West incorporates Informa’s All Secure Health & Safety guidelines to ensure a comfortable and valuable experience for all that attend.   
  • Wellness Yoga is offered each morning of the event before the expo hall opens. 


  • SupplySide West partners with the Naturally Proud Network, a group that promotes the importance of creating an industry that is open to LGBTQ+ individuals. We host a reception for them onsite at SupplySide West that is open to all participants.   
  • Mother’s Rooms are accessible and available throughout the event for nursing parents. 
  • A JEDI company attributes filter is available through the exhibitor list in the SupplySide West mobile app to help attendees find businesses with diverse ownership. 
  • SupplySide JEDI Advisory Council was carefully composed with clear direction for impacting our content: to assure consideration and an expanded working viewpoint on justice, equity, diversity and inclusion in the work we produce for our industry. 
  • The SupplySide West educational program features diverse speakers in terms of ethnicity, role in the industry, age, industry experience and background. The one thing they all have in common is the goal to create, develop and source healthy, sustainable products to U.S. consumers.

Easy Ways You Can Be More Sustainable at SupplySide West & Food Ingredients North America

  • Start Your Day Off Right: Do some light exercise or meditation, or join us for Wellness Yoga on 10/27 & 10/28Take Breaks: Walking a trade show floor can be tiring, so make sure you rest your feet and your brain regularly throughout the day.
  • Nourish Yourself: Staying hydrated and having a healthy snack will improve your ability to get the most out of the event.  Consider eating a healthy meat-free lunch as well; it’s good for you and for the planet.
  • Connect with Exhibitors: When talking to exhibiting companies remember to ask them about the sustainability credentials of their business and their products.
  • Go Digital: Download the SupplySide Network 365 mobile app to navigate the show; connect with other attendees on the app rather than exchanging business cards
  • Download the Show Guide: Fewer show guides are being printed and distributed onsite, so consider downloading the digital version instead.
  • Monitor Your Screen Time: Reduce the brightness of your screen and remember to hibernate your computer when not in use to help reduce your energy usage.

SupplySide West Powered by Renewable Energy

We are pleased to announce that as a part of our continued commitment to the sustainability of our event, this year we made the switch to 100% renewable electricity for our event. This resulted in our electricity use being carbon neutral, preventing the additional creation of CO2, and therefore significantly reducing our carbon impact.

We also recognise that it’s not just about the way we produce our events, but recognizing that we have a role to play in providing a space to work in partnership together with our markets to inspire the sustainable development of the industries we serve. This is an ongoing process for us and we’re looking for ideas of how we can improve. 

More information about our work so far can be found on the including our latest sustainability reports.

FasterForward to Zero

FasterForward is SupplySide and Informa’s approach to sustainability, moving faster to become a zero waste and net zero carbon business. A series of activities and commitments carried out between 2020-2025 will ensure our events become ever more sustainable, delivering a truly positive impact to the markets we serve. We will also actively help our partners, customers and wider markets to achieve the same.

Our FasterForward commitments include:

  • Become carbon neutral across our events by 2025
  • Halve the waste generated through our events by 2025
  • Become zero waste and net zero carbon by 2030 or earlier
  • Embed sustainability inside 100% of our events by 2025

See the full list of commitments and find out more.

Contact and Share Your Story

Would you like to work with us on the sustainability of our event? Would you like to share your own story and efforts? 
Got an idea? Contact the event team or reach out to Informa’s sustainability team for more information: [email protected]