Now in its third year, the Omega-3 Resource Center is a focused knowledge hub that is run in association with internationally recognized omega-3 experts, GOED Omega-3.

In this area of the exhibition, attendees are able to access a wide range of content, including theatre presentations, infographics, iPad presentations and product showcases, and have the opportunity to sample a selection of ingredients and products from GOED’s exhibiting members.

At the Omega-3 Resource Center, visitors will:

  • learn about various omega-3 formats and sources available, and where they can find them;
  • gain knowledge on how to reach omega-3 consumers through the GOED’s available resources;
  • get advice on how to access market data on a specific omega-3 topic of interest; and
  • find out from the GOED experts how to connect with the right omega-3 supply chain partner.

Digital ipad Presentations Topics Include:

Threats to the Global Omega-3 Industry: A detailed risk assessment regarding the issues that challenge the future of the omega-3 industry.

Omega-3 Science Update: This presentation will highlight a few very recent studies & trends in EPA/DHA science development.

Defining the Omega-3 Consumer: Health and wellness consumers around the world have unique attributes, but there are surprising similarities as well. GOED has done consumer research in 20+ countries and this presentation will profile consumers in Europe, the United States and Asia to showcase their health concerns, where they go for health information and how they make buying decisions. It will also discuss what industry can do to increase consumption levels. 

Omega-3 Market Trends: A presentation of the latest estimates on the volume of ingredients for Omega-3 products, the most relevant trends and issues influencing the market.

Omega-3 Resource Center Theater: Schedule and Agenda

Wednesday, Sept. 27


Omega-3 Science Update:

This presentation highlights recent omega-3 studies & trends in EPA/DHA science development.


Oxidation and Omega-3s:

Addressing the Challenges: Oxidation is a topic that comes up more and more, and is clearly within the industry's ability to manage. Learn more in this panel discussion.


Enhancing Consumer Trust and Transparency: 

Trust and transparency are important considerations in marketing to consumers. Learn how various companies address this topic.


Omega-3 “Ted” Talks: 

GOED Pavilion exhibitors share omega-3 challenges and solutions.


New Innovative Products for the Omega-3 Market: 

This session—presented by Catalent Consumer Health, the sponsor of the Omega-3 Pavilion—will discuss unique omega-3 formulation considerations and innovative dosage forms. 


Thursday, Sept. 28


New Omega-3 Sources: 

Join this panel discussion to learn about some of the newer omega-3 sources and their unique value propositions.


Market Trends: 

This presentation provides the latest estimates on the omega-3 ingredient space and how these numbers influence the market.


Omega-3 Regulatory Update: 

Learn more about the latest regulatory developments impacting omega-3s across the globe.


Changing the Game on Consumer Education: 

Educating the consumer about the benefits of omega-3s is key to increasing usage. Learn about valuable strategies from top industry participants.


MSC and Sustainability: 

The Marine Stewardship Council is a key player in the sustainability conversation. Hear the latest developments on this important topic.


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