Wednesday, September 27
Thursday, September 28
Location: Expo Hall, Booth #EE182

SupplySide Central is where science & strategy intersect in a live, interactive forum. Centrally located in the Expo Hall, SupplySide Central offers a variety of interactive, quick-paced programming, designed to delve into some of the hot topics facing the industry. From the Ingredient Launchpad, where exhibitors will highlight their new products, to the Editor’s Choice Awards, where we will recognize the most innovative product launches in supplements and food and beverage, SupplySide Central is designed to be a hub of activity in the Expo Hall. The SupplySide Central Stage is located in Booth #EE182. SupplySide Central sessions are open to all participants.

Wednesday, September 27

Ingredient Launchpad


Ingredient Launchpad showcases some of the latest innovative launches from across the global health and nutrition space. Stop in for these short, quick-hitting talks covering:

  • What is the ingredient?
  • What are its benefits?
  • What is the science behind it?
  • What are the applications and opportunities for product development?


Innova Market Insights: Emerging Healthy Aging Trends


In the emerging era of personalized nutrition, healthy aging is a growing topic. Innova Market Insights will share up and coming trends in ingredients and products that are targeting need-states by age, addressing consumer concerns about skin health, mobility, cognitive function and heart health among others. Learn how healthy aging is part of supplement, lifestyle and food and beverage trends, and what key ingredients show promise in future with the rise of aging populations around the world.



Kara Nielsen, Sales & Engagement Manager USA, Innova Market Insights


SupplySide CPG Editor’s Choice Awards: Supplements Presentation


The 6th Annual SupplySide CPG Editor’s Choice Awards recognize innovative finished product launches from CPG companies in a variety of categories. Today’s presentation will call out the winners of the following categories:

  • Anti-Aging
  • Antioxidant Supplement
  • Brain Health Supplement
  • Digestive Health Supplement
  • Energy Boosters
  • Heart Health Supplement
  • Joint Health Supplement
  • Multivitamin
  • Personal Care
  • Specialty Supplement
  • Sports Nutrition Supplement
  • Weight Management Supplement
  • Women's Health

Understanding How FSMA & PCQI Impact Your Supply Chain


Preventive controls is one of the major provisions of the Food Safety Modernization Act, and many companies are unaware of their obligations related to supply chain traceability. It’s increasingly important for companies to understand how to be compliant with these preventive control requirements, particularly given the global nature of the supply chain. Join Larisa Pavlick from United Natural Products Alliance (UNPA) to review your obligations related to FSMA compliance.



Larisa Pavick, UNPA


What’s the Buzz on Innovative Ingredients?


Manufacturers today are continually searching for supply chain partners that bring turnkey solutions to the marketplace. Branded ingredients with clinical science and proven efficacy represent the future of supplements and functional foods. More than ever, selecting the right businesses to align with can truly impact a product’s long-term success. Join Jeff Hilton of BrandHive as he talks with special guests from leading ingredient suppliers that, together with their brand partners, are changing the face of health and wellness.



Jeff Hilton, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer, BrandHive


The NEXT Trends in Food, Beverage, Supplement and Beauty Ingredients


If you walked the aisles of Natural Products Expo this year, you know that the most innovative food, beverage and supplement products now feature a range of ingredients that are either new on the scene or incorporated in innovative ways that provide new nutritional benefits or characteristics that meet changing consumer expectations related to clean label, sustainability, transparency and nutrient density.  

This data-packed session will feature the latest ingredient trend insights from New Hope Network's NEXT Forecast research and provide a roadmap for what's hot today in food, beverage, supplement and beauty ingredients and why, while offering a snapshot of what's expected for tomorrow.  



Todd Runestad, New Hope Network


Long-Chain Omega-3s: Looking Back and Ahead


For a decade, responsible industry has joined together to bolster sales of high-quality long-chain omega-3s to help consumers maximize their health. Today, studies continue to substantiate the benefits of long-chain omega-3s for myriad benefits—from heart health to cognitive support—while underscoring the safety of these ingredients. What does the future hold in terms of delivering omega-3s to consumers while addressing their desire for sustainable, traceable ingredients with strong clinical support? As the Global Organization for EPA and DHA Omega-3s (GOED) celebrates its 10-year anniversary, listen to executive director Adam Ismail’s perspective on how the lessons learned over the last decade will impact where the omega-3 industry is going in the future.



Adam Ismail, Executive Director, GOED (Global Organization for EPA and DHA Omega-3)


How to Buy Botanicals


There are certainly some supply chain and buyer considerations when sourcing single ingredients such as vitamin C or glucosamine. However, these concerns are amplified and the process itself significantly complicated when it comes to buying botanicals. Beyond just identifying the plant, there are issues of the plant parts, when to harvest/buy to maximize quality, extraction considerations, adulteration concerns, traceability, sustainability and much more. Buyers must be aware of the important issues to address when deciding what botanical ingredients to purchase. In this session, you’ll get insight into the top critical issues to be aware of when you’re buying botanical ingredients, and how to ensure that you truly have what you need for your finished product.



Ed Fletcher, Director of Quality and Sustainability, Herbal Ingenuity


Keeping up with the Ketone Kraze


Ketones are much talked about in weight and sports nutrition circles as a way of burning more fat and fueling workouts. Human research on ketones for these benefits is limited, but growing, and exercise science is learning more about how a ketogenic diet might fit into an active lifestyle. This is a tricky diet to follow and produce benefits, but supplemental ketones, namely beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) promise an easier path to the improve energy from ketosis. This session will review the latest clinical research and ingredient science on ketones .

  • What is a ketogenic diet, how could it be beneficial in sports and fitness?
  • What are the challenges in maintaining ketosis, and how can supplemental ketones help?
  • How to formulate an effective ketone-based supplement.



Bruce Kneller, Chief Formulator, Giant Sports International, LLC


Growing Your Business Successfully and Sustainably


Businesses looking for growth in the Health and Wellness space need to consider three key aspects – Customer, Distribution and Product Development. Join Kline’s expert in business growth strategy to find out:       

  • How to be deliberate and strategic about each aspect
  • Learn what industry innovators are utilizing these to expand their businesses
  • Reflect on the key takeaways that are relevant to your business



Xuesong Li, Director, Kline & Company


Thursday, September 28

Botanical Adulteration Concerns


While the DNA testing issue out of New York put botanical adulteration concerns on the map, there have been issues throughout time of inadvertent cross contamination or deliberate economically motivated adulteration. Responsible industry continues to explore how to ensure that botanical ingredients are fully traceable and contain only what they purport to. Learn what is happening in terms of testing considerations, pharmacopoeial standards, and how you can get involved to boost the quality of the botanical supply chain.



Josef A. Brinckmann, DHL, Research Fellow, Medicinal Plants & Botanical Supply Chain, Traditional Medicinals, Inc.

Stefan Gafner, Chief Science Office, American Botanical Council

Technology & Botanical Authenticity


There is a need in the botanical supply chain to ensure authenticity and traceability—to both industry and consumers. DNA testing has become more routine as a complementary screening for biomass, as has the use of authentic, certified botanical standards. However, current practices take a great deal of time and don’t happen on the ground. Indena has taken on this challenge, developing an herbarium of standards as well as partnering with Hyris Ltd to develop a portable device that can be used in the field with minimal training. Join Indena to learn how this portable black box is actually working to increase transparency in the botanical supply chain.



Stefano LoPriore, Founder and CEO, Hyris Ltd

Roberto Pace, QC Corporate Director, Indena USA


Conscious Leadership: How Relationship Management Drives Growth


Over the past 18 months, TCC has strengthened its business through strong partnerships within our industry. We will ask these industry leaders to share what being a values-based leader means to them, and how connecting with the right partners can bring our values and impact to the forefront, really enacting change not only within our organizations, but our industry and the world around us.



Naomi Whittel, CEO, Twinlab Consolidation Corporation

Lynda M. Doyle, MS Human Nutrition, Sr. Vice President, Global Marketing, Omniactive

Suneetha Gogineni, VP of Operations, Rasi Laboratories

Tom Szaky, CEO, Terracycle


Developing  Joint Health Solutions for Multiple Markets


Joint health isn’t just a consideration for the aging population—although they’re certainly a target. It’s about weekend warriors, health-minded millennials and even the family pet. Get the latest market insights on the trends driving the joint health market, and dive into results of a 2017 clinical research study on UC-II, a nutritional ingredient that can meet the needs of multiple markets. Finally, learn how you can formulate innovative product applications that truly resonate with the right market.



Zain Saiyed, Ph.D., Sr. Scientific Manager, Lonza


Essential Amino Acids and their Effects on Muscle Protein Synthesis


Body composition changes with age. The extent to which muscle mass and function can be maintained determines to a large extent health outcomes as well as quality of life. There are three fundamental approaches to maintaining muscle mass: exercise, hormonal therapy and nutrition. This talk will focus on nutritional approaches, particularly involving the use of dietary essential amino acids.

There ae 9 dietary essential amino acids (EAAs). These are the only required macronutrients in our diet. EAAs are normally derived from the digestion of dietary protein. The EAAs are the active components of dietary protein, meaning that EAAs are entirely responsible for the stimulation of the synthesis of new protein in the body. Dietary supplements of EAAs have distinct advantages over dietary protein in several respects. EAA supplements concentrate the active component of dietary protein without dilution from other factors such as non-essential amino acids or non-protein components of protein food sources such as saturated fat and carbohydrates. Further, our research has shown that optimal formulations of EAAs targeting specific conditions can provide even greater benefits. Most importantly relative to currently popular amino acid supplements, all EAAs are needed to provide a sustained stimulation of protein synthesis.  



Robert Wolfe, Ph.D. professor, Department of Geriatrics Director, Center for Translational Research in Aging & Longevity


Innova Market Insights: Active Nutrition: Sports Meets Healthful Lifestyles


Boundaries are blurring as sports nutrition continues its move toward the mainstream, while active nutrition geared to a more everyday consumer gets a sporty makeover. Innova Market Insights outlines the spectrum of consumer need-states between professional and active, and the ingredients and products that focus on performance for every age, gender and lifestyle.



Kara Nielsen, Sales & Engagement Manager USA, Innova Market Insights


SupplySide CPG Editor’s Choice Awards: Food & Beverage Presentation


The 6th Annual SupplySide CPG Editor’s Choice Awards recognize innovative finished product launches from CPG companies in a variety of categories. Today’s presentation will call out the winners of the following categories:

  • Allergen Free
  • Animal Nutrition
  • Baked Goods
  • Bars
  • Breakfast Food
  • Children's Health
  • Coffee/Tea
  • Confectionery
  • Dairy Food/Beverage
  • Dairy Alternative Food/Beverage
  • Probiotics
  • Snacks, Salty
  • Snacks, Sweet
  • Sports Nutrition Food/Beverage

Understanding Your Company’s State of Innovation


From start-ups to established organizations, every business must assess the company’s culture around innovation. This is particularly critical for start-up companies, who are addressing unique challenges and need to bring representation to the table from each of the FourFactor Archtypes of Innovation. The Healthy Marketing Team will share their insights on what start-ups need to overcome their challenges, while also offering information on the Innovation Profile of the SupplySide West audience.



Peter Wennstrom, Founder, HealthyMarketingTeam

Innovation Success Profiles and the NCN Venture Tank @ SupplySide


There’s great potential for growth in the natural products industry, but start-up organizations must overcome their business challenges—including finding the right strategic and financial partners. In this session, Nutrition Capital Network’s Tom Aarts and Grant Ferrier will talk with two companies that have raised capital through the NCN event at SupplySide West. Then see what it takes to succeed as three companies from this year’s NCN showcase make their pitch publicly for our panel of judges, looking to win the NCN Venture Tank @ SupplySide.



Tom Aarts and Grant Ferrier, Nutrition Capital Network

Vitamin Angels Champion Recognition


SupplySide West and Informa Exhibitions would like to highlight the good work being done by Vitamin Angels—a trailblazing non-profit organization dedicated to bringing vitamin supplementation to at-risk children worldwide. To do so, we’d like to show our appreciation by making a donation to Vitamin Angels.