Wednesday, September 27 | 11am-4pm
Thursday, September 28 | 11am-Noon

SupplySide VendorBrief Presentations are one of the most effective ways to learn about new and innovative ingredient technologies. These exhibitor-sponsored presentations are devoted to ingredient-and service-specific science, applications, formulation and marketing and are free to all attendees.

Wednesday, September 27


VENDORBRIEF: Lactobacillus plantarum TWK10 Supplementation Improves Exercise Performance and Increases Muscle Mass



Location: Booth VV110

Athletes and sports nutrition consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of probiotics—not only for gastrointestinal (GI) functions, but also for physical performance. Lactobacillus plantarum TWK10 isolated from Taiwanese fermented cabbage can improve exercise performance by reducing fatigue, increasing muscle mass and endurance of exercise time, and enhancing glucose utilization. These benefits represent that gut microbiota contribute to the host metabolic phenotype to affect physical activity via energy balance and body composition.


Chi-Chang Huang
Professor & Director
Graduate Institute of Sports Science, National Taiwan Sport University


VENDORBRIEF: Top Health Ingredients


Location: Booth WW110

More information coming soon!

VENDORBRIEF: StarchGel™ & StarchCaps™ – Make Your Softgel and Capsule Product Labels Cleaner


Location: Booth WW110

A global manufacturer of pharmaceutical excipients and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), Er-Kang recently launched two-piece starch hard capsules (StarchCaps™) and starch material for softgels (StarchGel™). The patented technology is offered to replace gelatin. The products are 100 percent vegetarian, kosher, halal and Non-GMO Project Verified for both  pharmaceutical and dietary supplements. The emerging technology allows brand holders to market products with a cleaner label at lower costs.


Derrick M. DeSilva Jr., M.D.
Senior Attending Staff
Department of Medicine, Raritan Bay Medical Center (RBMC)

VENDORBRIEF: Adding Life to a Stagnant Joint Health Category


Location: Booth VV110

This presentation includes a review of the joint health market, including:

  • a discussion on the multiple joint health ingredients available on the retail shelf
  • the challenges formulators and marketers face when creating joint health products.


New research conducted on NEM® eggshell membrane in a healthy population opens up new possibilities for claims language, and in combination with its previously published trials, builds a strong foundation for a successful joint health formula.


Jason Theodosakis, M.D.
Joint Health Expert
Stratum Nutrition

VENDORBRIEF: What Do the Pending Nutrition Facts Label Changes Mean for Industry?


Location: Booth WW110

FDA recently announced a considerable number of modifications to the Nutrition Facts Label.

This presentation covers:

  • Impact of the new deadlines
  • Changes to the Daily Values for certain nutrients and the effect on formulations
  • Modifications to the units of measure, conversions and rounding rules
  • Changes to the mandatory and voluntary label nutrients
  • Information about records required when ingredients from multiple sources cannot be verified.


Alice Wilkinson
Vice President of Innovation
Watson Inc.


VENDORBRIEF: Vitamin K2 as MK7: Purity, Stability and Trans isomer


Location: Booth WW110

Gnosis has been a pioneer in vitamin K2 as MK7 from the first development to the industrial manufacturing of natural all-trans MK7. VitaMK7® is the true >99% all-trans composition. VitaMK7® contains the highest purity of MK7 and the lowest level of known impurities with no trace of unknown and unidentified chemical impurities. And thanks to the clean profile, vitaMK7® shows optimal stability in formulation even when subjected to stressed conditions.


Luca Tiano, Ph. D.
Associate Professor of Biochemistry
Department of Life and Enviromental Sciences, University of Marche, Italy

VENDORBRIEF: AvailOm® – Direct Compressible 45% Load Omega-3 Powder With Superior Bioavailability


Location: Booth VV110

AvailOm® by Evonik Health Care is a direct compressible Omega-3 salt powder with 45 percent load. This technical advancement delivers the free fatty acid to the body quickly, resulting in a bioavailability three to five times higher than traditional ethyl ester oils, even with a low-fat diet. AvailOm® presents an opportunity to formulate next-generation gelatin-free single-entity omega-3 tablets and multivitamin tablets containing a dose of omega-3 for product differentiation.


Ludger Eilers
Director Advanced Food Ingredients
Evonik Health Care

VENDORBRIEF: Current Opportunities and Future Prospects of Colostrum in Gut Health


Location: Booth VV110

Our mission is to be the leader in both global human and animal markets, innovating and developing medical nutritional technologies for GI health.  Our focus is in advancing the company’s platform technologies providing science based nutritional interventions benefiting the gut microbiome.


Andrew Keech, Ph.D.
Vice President of Manufacturing Operations
APS BioGroup Inc.

Nagendra Rangavajla, Ph.D.
FACN, Vice President of R&D
PanTheryx Inc.


Thursday, September 28

VENDORBRIEF: Rhamnan Sulfate from Green Alga Inhibits Blood Clotting and Angiogenesis

Location: Booth VV110

Rhamnan sulfate is a sulfated polysaccharide extracted from green alga, Monostroma nitidum Wittrock, which, along with other types of seaweeds, has been commonly eaten over thousands of years by the Japanese people to enhance their health and longevity.  Koji Suzuki, Ph.D., will present on the potential benefits of rhamnan sulfate in supporting  functions such as maintaining normal cholesterol levels, enhancing immune function, avoiding obesity, strengthening blood vessel functions and more.


Koji Suzuki, Ph.D.
Professor,Department of Molecular Pathobiology
Faculty of Pharmaceutical Science
Suzuka University of Medical Science

VENDORBRIEF: Natural Sweeteners and Colors: The Supply Chain Matters

Location: Booth WW110

Consumers are demanding more natural products, leading the food and beverage industry to shift to natural flavors and colors. Unlike synthetic materials, it is much harder to provide consistent product from a natural source. Variations in growing and harvesting conditions, purification processes and more can result in wide variations in the flavor or color, which in turn can result in wide variations in finished products. Learn how to better control your natural supply chain.


Carolyn M. Merkel, Ph.D., CFS
Technical Director, Consulting
PanaSource Ingredients Inc.