Esca Bona at SupplySide West Education

Supply System Assessments

Location: Booth 5301 (Right next to SupplySide West Sales Office)

Thursday, November 8 | 4:30pm - 5:00pm 

From Cayenne to Bergamot, Vanilla to Coffee beans, regeneration is possible, but where to start? Working toward truly regenerative, nourishing, and accessible supply can be a challenging endeavor. Christian Shearer, from Terra Genesis International, will lead the room through the supply system assessment process that takes a global view of an ingredient portfolio and reviews it across ecological and social categories. This high-level analysis will provide illumination on the climate change and socio-political risks associated with a company's ingredients and help to expose the hidden extractive practices within the associated supply system. The goal is to understand the impact of climate change on your supply, develop a strategy for investment into the system, build healthy and reciprocal supply relationships, and start the transition from sustainable to regenerative supply. 


Christian Shearer

COO, Terra Genesis International

COO, Regen Network