Looking for scientific insights on some of the hottest ingredients around? These sponsored presentations feature research experts delving into their cutting-edge clinical findings on key nutritional offerings and the potential they hold for new product development in the dietary supplement and functional food market.


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Thursday, November 8

LUNCH BRIEF: The next generation of immune-active peptides for sports recovery

Location: Islander I, Lower Level, North Convention Center


More and more consumers are seeking an active lifestyle and are looking for ways to ensure a speedy recovery from their sports activities.

BASF provides a variety of natural ingredients for sports nutrition with bioactive peptides being the latest solution for consumers. These bioactive peptides are unlocked from natural plant protein and provide an easily absorbable source of amino acids. These peptides that support inflammation response and can help active people recover faster.

Join this session to learn about developments in inflammation and recovery and how you can better address consumer needs.



LUNCH BRIEF: New & unique solutions for every eating occasion in performance and lifestyle nutrition

Location: Islander D, Lower Level, North Convention Center


FrieslandCampina invites you to our 2018 Lunch Brief. Consumers within the Performance Nutrition category are in need of functional products that offer great taste & convenience for various eating occasions throughout the day. The industry itself recognizes different opportunities for growth, such as clean-label, snackification, etc. led by the Millennials and Lifestyle consumers. Join FrieslandCampina experts to learn more about the latest industry trends and explore how you can expand your brand portfolio with our new and unique offerings to satisfy your consumers’ needs. 


Ms. Georgia Dina Konstantopoulos, Communication Manager, FrieslandCampina Ingredients N. America

Ms. Mai Nygaard, Marketing Director, FrieslandCampina DMV

LUNCH BRIEF: Beyond Beauty - The Emerging Science of Collagen in Sports Nutrition

Location: Islander E, Lower Level, North Convention Center


Named the “hot ingredient” for 2018, collagen is finally getting the attention it deserves!  #AmazingCollagen

Collagen is a major component of the human body – a primary structural protein of connective tissues, and paramount to supporting musculoskeletal function and performance.

Ankle sprains, strains, and torn tendons and ligaments are common injuries in active and athletic people.  Supplementation with specific Bioactive Collagen Peptides® from GELITA can strengthen and support these sensitive enablers of physical performance.

Join this session to explore the latest research on how GELITA's Bioactive Collagen Peptides® can contribute to increased mobility and performance for you – and, your pets too!

Tonja Lipp, Sr. Manager Business Development, Health & Nutrition, GELITA 





Friday, November 9

BREAKFAST BRIEF: Trends in nutrition throughout life stages

Location: Islander D, Lower Level, North Convention Center


Balchem® invites you to take a look at trends in nutrition throughout life stages. As requirements change, we will examine the first 1000 days of nutrition for on-the-go active youth, nutritional boosters for the adult professionals and active seniors, as well as take a look at nutritional products added to daily diets. Join this session and explore nutritional trends
across all ages.


Deanne Dick, Business Director, Balchem  

Jim Hyde, Vice President and General Manager, Balchem HNP  

Eric Smith, Vice President of Sales and Commercial Development, Balchem HNP

Steve Stewart, Technology Manager - Ingredient Solutions, R&D Product Development, Balchem 

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