Looking for scientific insights on some of the hottest ingredients around? These sponsored presentations feature research experts delving into their cutting-edge clinical findings on key nutritional offerings and the potential they hold for new product development in the dietary supplement and functional food market.

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Wednesday, September 27

BREAKFAST BRIEF: Flaxseed Research Update and Application Innovations



Think you know all there is to know about flaxseed? Think again. Join Grant Pierce, Ph.D., executive director of research at St. Boniface Hospital; Kelley Fitzpatrick, M.Sc., editor of; and representatives from Pizzey Ingredients for an exciting discussion of the newest flaxseed research and application innovations. Learn about Pierce’s groundbreaking cardiovascular research and discover other areas of breakthrough flaxseed research with Fitzpatrick. Pizzey Ingredients will round out the breakfast session with practical formulation pointers and the company’s newest application innovations, including unfiltered flax milk.


LUNCH BRIEF: Athletes and Fitness Enthusiasts Increasingly Seek Out Collagen Protein



Today, lines are increasingly blurring between sports and performance nutrition and more mainstream fitness/lifestyle nutrition products, and protein is the one ingredient that stands out for both groups.

Collagen’s popularity has grown rapidly in recent years, as a unique bioactive protein derived from natural sources. Join us to address the latest science behind collagen and specifically the latest studies backing Rousselot’s Peptan® collagen peptides. Peptan is one of the world’s leading collagen peptides brands. One bioactive ingredient/protein, it offers multiple benefits backed by science, including bone and joint health, skin beauty and sports nutrition.


Richard Schell
Richard Schell is the Nutritional Sales manager for Rousselot North America specializing in Peptan collagen products. His background ranges from R+D, Quality Control, and eight years of Quality Assurance experience. Richard graduated from the University of Wisconsin – Madison with a degree in Biochemistry and is a certified quality auditor through the American Society for Quality.

Elke De Clerck
Global Market Development Manager Peptan, Rousselot

Elke has been active in the Food and Pharma industry for over 10 years, with positions in Product Management, New Product Development and Business Development. She has been working for Rousselot for the last 7 years in Technical and Business development positions with nutrition as the main focus. Currently, Elke is responsible for the Global Market  Development of peptan, Rousselot’s brand of collagen peptides. Elke holds a PhD in Biotechnology from Gent University.


LUNCH BRIEF: Controlled Trial of Theracurmin® Shows Long-Term Brain Health Benefits



In an 18-month, double-blind trial of middle-aged and older non-demented adults, Theracurmin® (a bioavailable form of curcumin 90 mg twice daily; n=21) led to memory improvement compared to placebo (n=19; significant between group difference in the main outcome measure, the Buschke Selective Reminding). FDDNP-PET scans (15 Theracurmin, 15 placebo) showed significantly lower brain amyloid and tau in the Theracurmin group than in the placebo group in the amygdala and hypothalamus. These results suggest that daily oral Theracurmin leads to improved cognition, possibly mediated through alterations in brain amyloid and tau burden.


Gary Small, M.D.
Professor and Director
UCLA Longevity Center, UCLA Division of Geriatric Psychiatry


LUNCH BRIEF: How Nanotechnology Improves Nutrition by Enhancing Bioavailability and Desired Biological Effects



Bioavailability, for dietary supplements and functional foods, means the amount of active substance reaching the bloodstream after being consumed. It dictates the intensity of desired biological effects. Many molecules have limited efficacies due to inherently low bioavailabilities. These include cannabidiol (CBD), curcumin from turmeric, antioxidants like lycopene or resveratrol, and cholesterol-lowering phytosterols. Mixing with other substances may create a synergy, where ingredients work together to amplify bloodstream entry, as well as any anticipated effects. Nanotechnology predicated on GRAS (generally recognized as safe) ingredients is emerging as a remarkably valuable tool for rendering problematic substances into safe, effective dietary supplements.


LUNCH BRIEF: Sports Nutrition Innovation: Emerging Science of Botanical Ingredients



From pre-workout to exercise energy and endurance to muscle building and recovery, Natreon has the clinically studied ingredients for any formulation. Whether it’s Capros® for a pre-workout nitric oxide (NO) boost, Sensoril® for a more “focused” workout or PrimaVie® for increased testosterone, cellular energy and collagen upregulation, Natreon is a premier source for clinically studied and GRAS (generally recognized as safe)-affirmed botanical ingredients. Get insights about the science from researchers on how these breakthrough ingredients can support sports nutrition formulations.


Hector Lopez, Jr., M.D., CSCS, FAAPMR
Center for Applied Health Sciences

Thursday, September 28

BREAKFAST BRIEF: Sports Nutrition Powders With Enhanced Functionality & Nutritional Value



Balchem’s Human Nutrition & Health division brings products to the sports nutrition marketplace that add functionality and optimized performance via agglomeration technologies offering enhanced mouthfeel and nutritional enhancement. Key products from SensoryEffects Powder Systems include VitaCholine and Albion Minerals, which can be utilized in a wide range of sports nutrition applications. Learn how to enhance your product’s story by positioning it with the ingredients supplied by Balchem Human Nutrition & Health, which provides a turnkey finished sports nutrition powder.

LUNCH BRIEF: GEP (Good Manufacturing Extraction Practice) Certification



As demand grows for health and nutrition ingredients and products, the Chinese herbal extract industry has kept its fast-growing pace in recent years, with more than 2,500 companies exporting from China. Naturally, quality varies among companies and products, and it can be hard to distinguish the truth, making identifying qualified suppliers one of the  most challenging issues. CCCMHPIE is one of the six chambers of commerce for import & export, which is affiliated to the Ministry of Commerce of China. Its main purpose is to coordinate all trading activities and provide consulting services. After over 20 years' growth, CCCMHPIE has become one of the largest organizers within the Medicine and Health Products industry.

CCCMHPIE leads the industry’s development, assisting qualified companies to upgrade operations and brand value, and has worked closely with NSF International to develop a GEP (Good Manufacturing Extraction Practice) Certification program. The certification process will cover two parts:

1. CCCMHPIE will evaluate the companies' credibility within the industry;

2. NSF will inspect the factories on site for their quality control and food safety systems.

The combined results from these two evaluations will determine whether the company passes the certification process. Once a company is certificated, CCCMHPIE will reward it with certification and a “Qualified Supplier” banner. Qualified Suppliers will also be promoted through CCCMHPIE’s media platform, especially during domestic or international expos. CCCMHPIE will utilize its resources to market the most outstanding Chinese Herbal Extract products.

Join us for this lunch brief to directly connect with the companies listed that are already certified, and to learn more about how this can streamline your ingredient purchasing process.


Madam Meng Dongping
Vice President, China Chamber of Commerce for Import & Export of Medicines & Health Products (CCCMHPIE) 
Deputy Director General, Ministry of Commerce, P.R.C. 

David Zhang
President of Chongqing Joywin Natural Prducts Co., Ltd
Chairman of Botanical Extracts Association of CCCM
Vice chairman of CSNR
Vice chairman of Import and Export Association of High-tech
products in Shaanxi province


LUNCH BRIEF: Got Collagen?  Join a Booming Market.



Collagen supplementation offers unique building blocks for the body and helps us stay mobile, strong, flexible and beautiful. While most collagen peptide supplementation is good for you, not all collagens are created equally. Based on this insight, GELITA has developed a portfolio of uniquely optimized Bioactive Collagen Peptides® for targeted needs. And GELITA has the proof. In several high level randomized, placebo controlled clinical trials with real people, Bioactive Collagen Peptides® have shown their beneficial effects.

Connect with GELITA for this one-of-a-kind collagen session and participate in an exciting growing global market!


Tonja Lipp
Tonja Lipp is the Senior Manager Business Development for Health & Nutrition for GELITA USA. Lipp earned a Master’s Degree in Food Technology from the University of Hohenheim in Stuttgart, Germany, and a Master’s Degree in International Business Management and Economics from the University of Applied Science in Nürtingen, Germany. A 20-year veteran in the functional ingredients arena, Lipp took this position in July 2012, after having developed a broad knowledge of GELITA Bioactive Collagen Peptides®.


LUNCH BRIEF: Natural vs. Synthetic Zeaxanthin: What Does the Science Tell Us?



The growing eye health market continues to offer opportunities for new product formulations. As manufacturers evaluate options, the science and safety of ingredients is a foundation for brand credibility. Elizabeth Johnson, Ph.D., associate professor of nutrition science and policy at Tufts University, will review the published science on natural dietary zeaxanthin and zeaxanthin isomers, such as (RS) meso-zeaxanthin, as well as the benefits of lutein in children’s formulations and the science on the optimal ratio of lutein to zeaxanthin.


LUNCH BRIEF: Vitality Through Nutrition – Helping Consumers Live Life to the Fullest



Today’s consumers are busier than ever. Daily stress, poor diet and other factors can contribute to a lack of energy affecting consumers’ overall health and wellness. This session will explore how food, beverage and supplement manufacturers can capture the growing demand for products that support healthy, sustained energy and vitality. Discover the latest consumer insights and nutrition research demonstrating the positive impact of natural, clean-label functional ingredients. And, see how Kerry can help brand owners win in this space with innovative taste and nutrition solutions and expertise in formulation.