Clean Label Supplements: Understanding the Next Level of Transparency for Dietary Supplements

Thursday, September 28 | 2-4pm

The clean label movement has taken over the food and beverage category, but it hasn’t hit the dietary supplements category with the same intensity—yet. However, transparency is increasingly important to supplement consumers, especially in light of negative media reports, prevalence of adulterated products and speculation that the industry is unregulated. This panel discussion explores how clean label is impacting the supplements category and how brand owners can take action to stay ahead of the clean label trend.

  • What transparency means to consumers, and how to achieve it.
  • Critical considerations for achieving transparency throughout the supply chain.
  • What’s happening in the market today—in terms of innovation and consumer expectation—as relates to clean label.


Stacey Gillespie

Director of Product Development




Alan Lewis

Regulatory Affairs

Natural Grocers



Scott Steinford


Trust Transparency Consulting