Are You Prepared for a FSMA Audit?

Location: Lower Level, North Convention  Center

Thursday, November 8 | 2-4pm

The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), which became law in 2011, increased the regulatory requirements that food, beverage and supplement manufacturers must follow to ensure food safety. By July 2017, the law was applicable to most food and beverage makers and FDA began actively enforcing rules and inspecting facilities based on varying implementation timelines. In this session attendees will learn how FSMA affects their business, suppliers, co-manufacturers and importers; compliance challenges and strategies; and best practices for preparing and passing a FSMA audit. Industry experts will discuss:

  • Overview of FSMA timelines and rules along with current data on FDA’s enforcement efforts and findings.
  • The importance of supply chain transparency and best practices for developing a supplier qualification program to ensure a successful FSMA audit.
  • The current state of food safety and whether FSMA is indeed making the food supply safer, as well as analysis of legal actions currently playing out in the industry.


  • Marian Boardley, Marian Boardley Consulting LLC
  • Heidi Goodwin, NUTRILITE
  • Bill Marler, Marler Clark
  • Tatiana Miranda, NUTRILITE