Feeding the Good Food Future

Location: Lower Level, South Pacific H

Thursday, November 8 | 9-11am

Serving up food for 1 billion humans just barely more than 100 years ago looks a lot different than what it will take to sustain 9 billion looming. Within the next 30 years the tension between ideas and tactics that worked in the past, and new technologies needed to feed future populations - all while sustaining the ability of our planet to produce - will be driving the evolution of ingredient and food production. 

  • New frontiers in research related to specialty ingredients - often of natural origin but highly processed, buy provide powerful formulation
    and health benefits.  
  • What does sustainability mean in the context of ecology and human health?  Do synthetic, "bioidentical", and other bioengineering technologies hold a place
    in the sustainability discussion? 
  • Does "Natural" matter in the future?
  • Is Organic the path to regeneration? 
  • Striking a balance between Organic and Biotech


Nancy Himmelfarb

NJH Sustainability Consulting

Sara Newmark

VP of Social Impact
FoodState Inc.

Tom Newmark

Carbon Underground

Leah Segedie



Fran Schoenwetter

Director, Content Marketing
Informa Health & Nutrition

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