Feeding the Good Food Future

Location: Lower Level, North Convention Center

Thursday, November 8 | 9-11am

Why Regeneration AND Biotechnology BOTH Matter

Serving up food for 1 billion humans just barely more than 100 years ago looks a lot different than what it will take to sustain 9 billion looming. Within the next 30 years the tension between ideas and tactics that worked in the past, and new technologies needed to feed future populations - all while sustaining the ability of our planet to produce - will be driving the evolution of ingredient and food production. 

We'll dive into the following and break-out into discussion sessions related to: 

  • new frontiers in research related to specialty ingredients - often of natural origin but highly processed, buy provide powerful formulation
    and health benefits.  
  • What does sustainability mean in the context of ecology and human health?  Do synthetic, "bioidentical", and other bioengineering technologies hold a place
    in the sustainability discussion? 
  • Does "Natural" matter in the future?
  • Is Organic the path to regeneration? 
  • Striking a balance between Organic and Biotech

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