How Blockchain & Related Technology Is Transforming the Supply Chain

Location: Lower Level, North Convention Center

Wednesday, November 7 | 1:30-4:30pm

Today’s ingredient supply chain is facing global challenges, as buyers and consumers seek more transparency and sustainability initiatives are moving forward at a rapid pace. While in the past, companies may have kept their suppliers close to their chest, open communication has become not just good practice but a way to stay ahead of the trends and in compliance with regulators. As we look to address challenges around quality, traceability and safety, technology is offering new solutions.

  • How are safety, quality and traceability issues dramatically changing expectations in the supply chain?
  • What role can blockchain play in helping address concerns?
  • How are companies utilizing innovative technologies to improve the quality and safety of the products they bring to


  • Amol Deshphande, Farmers Business Network
  • Tom Dubinski, Arizona Nutritional Supplements
  • TJ Gupta, DreamWeaver
  • Skye Lininger, Healthnotes, Inc.
  • Christian Shearer, Regen Network
  • Kantha Shelke, CorvusBlue