How to Take Advantage of White Space in the Beverage Sector

Location: Lower Level, South Pacific B

Wednesday, November 7 | 1:30-4:30pm

Beverages make up the lion’s share of the functional food and beverage market, and there is no shortage of innovation. Once dominated by sports drinks, today’s range of functional beverages include everything from enhanced waters, juices, cold-brew coffee, RTD teas, etc. with an increased emphasis on the inclusion of shorter ingredient lists, with simple and recognizable names. Key to market success is understanding ingredient selection and formulation considerations; understanding how products will be packaged, sold and merchandised; targeting the right consumers; and building brand trust.

  • Go-to-market strategies including identifying the right target market and navigating macro trends.
  • Key considerations for functional beverage formulation including trending ingredients, supply chain concerns and
    permissible claims.
  • Challenges and solutions pertaining to certain types of functional beverages, as well as new and novel formulation processes
    and packaging options.


Jeff Church

Co-Founder & CEO
Suja Juice

Shari Coulter Ford

CEO &                Co-Founder
Tohi Ventures LLC

Andy Dratt

Chief Commercial Officer

Brian Lovejoy

Coffee General Manager
Califia Farms

Palo Hawken


Kyle Redfield

KonaRed Hawaiian Coffee


James S. Tonkin

Founder & President
Healthy Brand

Judie Bizzozero

SupplySide West

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