Sports Nutrition 2020: Sharpening the Vision

Location: Lower Level, North Convention Center

Wednesday, November 7 | 1:30-4:30pm

The sports nutrition market is unquestionably changing, as new active consumers look to sports-focused products to stay strong and fit, and as new generations bring new ideas on what products should be and how they should be sold. The global marketplace for sports ingredients has both opened doors to a wider range of formulation, but it has also presented various
regulatory and legal challenges. Looking at the near future of sports nutrition, this workshop will:

  • Explore how to keep up with the younger generation of sports nutrition consumers, bringing Millennial attitudes and
    demands to the sector.
  • Survey the changing sports nutrition retailing landscape, including the effect of online retailers such as Amazon.
  • Highlight current legal and regulatory challenges facing sports nutrition companies and providing insights on how
    lawsuits, legislation and enforcement may shape the next couple of years.


  • Oliver Catlin, Banned Substances control Group (BSCG)
  • Rick Collins, Collins Gann McCloskey & Barry
  • Eric Frayman, Gamer Supps
  • Bruce Kneller, HiQ Financial Holdings, Inc. 
  • Dan Lourenco, Ghost Nutrition
  • Joshua Schall, J.Schall Consulting
  • Brandon Smith, Forumulife C.M. and Purus Labs


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