Addressing Inflammation Naturally … and Legally

Friday, September 29 | 8:30-11:30am

Researchers are increasingly focusing on how the natural process of inflammation can be modulated to work most effectively in the body, without the complications often seen in cases of systemic or long-term inflammation. Join our panel of experts to understand more about the inflammatory process, learn about different nutritional ingredients that can positively affect inflammation, and get insights on what can be said legally on product packaging and in marketing related to anti-inflammation claims in the United States.

  • How does inflammation work in the body, and what are the effects of uncontrolled inflammation?
  • What is the state of the research on anti-inflammatory ingredients such as curcumin, omega-3s, systemic enzymes and boswellia?
  • When developing marketing materials, what are the basics of claims substantiation and what is allowed in the U.S. market?


Jeremy Appleton, N.D.

Vice President of Scientific and Regulatory Affairs

Klaire Labs/SFI-USA



Alexander Schauss

Senior Director of Research

AIBMR Life Sciences Inc.


Ashish Talati, Esq.


Amin Talati Upadhye LLP