Selecting and Testing Your Contract Laboratory

Tuesday, September 26 | 9am-Noon

Dietary supplement firms often contract their raw material, in-process and finished product testing to trusted third parties to help reduce costs and improve expertise. However, partnering with the best lab(s) can be a daunting task for executives who aren’t adept in the nuances and advancements in testing technology. This panel discussion will give supplement brands tips on choosing, auditing and maintaining partnerships with their contract laboratory partners.

  • Selecting and auditing a contract lab
  • Verifying a lab’s test results are accurate
  • The biggest issues brands face when working with their contract lab  


John Atwater



Tara Couch, Ph.D.

Independent Advisor for Dietary Supplements

EAS Consulting Group


Heather Fairman

Director of Corporate QA & Regulatory Affairs

Natural Organics


Daniel Sliva, Ph.D.

CSO & Founder

DSTest Laboratories