Delivering Mental Clarity: Formulations to Fight Anxiety & Stress

Location: Lower Level,  South Pacific H

Friday, November 9 | 2-4pm

Americans are more likely to report feeling the effects of stress this year’s survey than they did last year, according to the American Psychology Association’s 2017 report, “Stress in America: The State of the Nation.” This exerts a major toll on productivity, affecting mental clarity and performance, while exacerbating sleeplessness and anxiety levels. Explore the
whitespace opportunity around mental clarity and positive mood, while investigating ingredients that can help consumers cope with stress and improve their cognitive function.

  • The global sleep and aids market, exploring key purchase differentiators across regions for sleep aids and highlighting where the United States fits in a global context;
  • Stress, its consequences, and possible interventions for relief, specifically focusing on botanicals that aid in stress management along with possible dosing strategies; and
  • Clinical evidence of efficacy for probiotics as an intervention in mood ailments



Jeremy Appleton, N.D.

VP, Science & Education
SFI USA/Klaire Labs

Parris M. Kidd, Ph.D.

Chief Science Officer & Director of Product Quality
BrainMD Health

Vince Kreipke, Ph.D.

Scientific Advisor
Onnit Labs

Tom Vierhile

Innovation Insights Director


Sandy Almendarez

Editor in Chief
Informa Health & Nutrition

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