How Millennials Are Transforming Modern Marketing

Tuesday, September 26 | 9am-Noon

Millennials—consumers aged 17 to 35—with their focus on transparency, clean labels and technology, have changed the way health and nutrition brands attract customers. This session covers market statistics on Millennial purchasing habits. It also offers insights into online marketing, which helps brands reach their target consumers with SEO-friendly websites, social media initiatives and influential endorsements.

  • What Millennials are saying, where they are saying it, and what products they’re buying
  • Various strategies on content creation for websites and social media
  • Do’s and don’ts of influencer marketing (best practices and measuring campaign success)



Lance Bachmann

Founder & CEO Digital Agency



Lindsey Carnett

CEO & President

Marketing Maven Public Relations



Lori Colman


CBD Marketing



Sarah Flagg

Senior Account Executive

CBD Marketing


Lisa Mabe


Green Purse PR