The Dark and Light of Sports Nutrition

Tuesday, September 26 | 1:30-4:30pm

The sports nutrition market has long battled a hunger for innovation, as athletes vie for any advantage to improve muscle development, performance and recovery. However, living on the cutting edge has resulted in many sports-focused manufacturers and brand owners flirting with legal and regulatory problems. To some extent, the issues faced by sports nutrition companies reflect those of the overall supplement industry, but perhaps more magnified. This workshop will look at both sides of the issue, the dark and light, and review ways companies can do the right things in product development, formulation and marketing—as well as the potential consequences of making wrong decisions and taking too much risk.

  • How to stick to claims that can be properly substantiated.
  • The challenges sports formulators face that could derail the best intentions.
  • What past legal and regulatory cases can teach companies looking to avoid trouble.