Exploring Opportunities in China

Friday, September 29 | 8:30am-Noon

China is one of the most sought-after markets on the planet, while also being one of the most crowded and dynamic. SupplySide will take you through the opportunities and challenges in the China market, providing insight into the market drivers, regulatory considerations and growth strategies that can help your business thrive.

Part 1: Understanding the Chinese Market

China Skinny’s Ann Bierbower, director of operations, will cover growth opportunities, Chinese consumer habits, sales models and marketing in China, offering practical learnings and insights. This interactive talk will cover the what, why and how of trends in China, consumer profiles and case studies of successful businesses. Understand the growth drivers in China’s economy, the expectations and current perceptions of Chinese consumers for imported products, and segmentation of the Chinese consumer to develop a target market.

Part 2: Regulatory Compliance and Product Certification

Since 2007, Mette Knudsen, Ph.D., managing partner of Knudsen & Co., has assisted and advised more than 250 companies around China market entry, and leads the business unit specializing in regulatory compliance and importation for companies in the nutrition and food industry. She will provide information on the new regulatory framework for health food in China and the consequences for foreign companies, including how to navigate the system, what to prepare and what to expect. Take away knowledge on how to stay ahead of the game in a highly regulated market and work successfully with the regulators and associations in China.

Part 3: Building Your Business in China

Marc Shaub, senior partner, King & Wood Mallesons, has worked as a lawyer in China since 1993, and is a director in many joint ventures and WFOEs in different sectors. His practical approach will cover the key considerations in developing a business in China. These include selecting the right business model, finding a Chinese partner, building a brand, legal and contractual issues, and much more. Get the insights necessary to make informed decisions and develop the right strategy from the outset.


Ann Bierbower

Director of Operations

China Skinny



Samuel Lui Xuecong

Secretary General

China Nutrition and Health Food Association


Mette Knudsen, Ph.D.


Knudsen & Co



Mark Schaub, Esq.


King & Wood Mallesons