Tackling Weight Management With Nutrition

Tuesday, September 26 | 9am-Noon

Obesity is a global challenge, with related health issues contributing to overweight, and forcing consumers to look beyond “diets” to ways to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. Discover how functional foods and supplements can play an important role in reversing this epidemic; look at the target consumer markets and appropriate messaging; and get the latest research on the role of nutrients—including protein, amino acids and fatty acids—to optimize body composition.

  • Understand the weight loss category, including whitespace product development opportunities.
  • Get the hidden reasons why diets don’t work and the solutions that can help consumers.
  • Explore the science on protein, amino acids and fatty acids to optimize body composition.


David Foreman


Herbal Pharmacist Media



Claire Morton

Senior Industry Analyst, Nutrition Business Journal

Informa - New Hope Network


Rick Polito

Editor in Chief, Nutrition Business Journal

Informa - New Hope Network



Risa Schulman, Ph.D.