SupplySide West and Food ingredients North America 2021 Booth Selection

Exhibitors that had signed up to participate in the 2020 edition of the show will have the first opportunity to select a booth space for 2021, before the floor plan opens to the public. To do so, exhibitors will need to participate in our Booth Selection Process (detailed below).

2021 Show Information

Show Floor Days:
Wednesday, October 27
Thursday, October 28

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Booth Selection Process

• Emails will be sent late September through mid-October to all Primary Contacts from companies eligible to participate in the 2021 Booth Selection Process. This announcement will provide each company a date and timeframe in which a SupplySide Representative will call.
        a.  If you need a copy of this email, please contact Claire Webb or Susan Ginn.

        b.   A link will be provided within the email that the Primary Contact can use to confirm or decline the appointment, as well the ability to update contact                                   details for the person that will be managing the appointment.

        c.  If no one will be available at the designated time, a Booth Reservation Form may be filled out and submitted the morning of the appointment day.
                i. The closer to the appointment time the form is filled out, the more likely the options listed will be available.

• For companies with appointments after November 4, a secondary email will be sent one week prior to the scheduled appointment time with a link to the 2021 real-time floor plan, to be used during the appointment.

• During the phone call, a booth will be selected and held on the floor plan. A contract for the booth will be sent to the Primary Contact within one business day after the appointment.
        a.  Contracts must be signed within 7 business days, or the space will be released.
                i. Once the contract is signed the exhibitor is now bound to the terms & conditions, including the cancellation policy.

        b.  A 50% deposit for the booth space will be due within two weeks of client receiving the statement/invoice.
                i. Once the contract is signed the exhibitor is liable to pay this deposit, even if they cancel before the deposit due date.

SupplySide West and Food ingredients North America 2021 Booth Cancellation Policy

Once a booth contract is signed by the Exhibitor and exhibit space is allocated to the Exhibitor by Informa Exhibitions, the Exhibitor is contracted to the exhibit space. Cancellation requests must be in writing, and agreement by Informa Exhibitions to any request for cancellation or reduction of space shall be subject to the following fees:

1) Cancellations and booth downsizes received by June 15, 2021 are subject to a fee equal to 50% of the booth price.

2) Cancellations and booth downsizes received on or after June 16, 2021 are subject to a fee equal to 100% of the booth space.

3) Cancellations will result in forfeit of all exhibitor badges.

Priority Points Program

The SupplySide priority placement system is a collection of dollars spent with specific brands within Informa Markets, which gives you priority status when selecting your SupplySide booth location. Your priority status is based on the total dollars spent with Informa Markets, which includes SupplySide West & Food ingredients North America, SupplySide East, SupplySide, Natural Products Insider and Food & Beverage Insider, during the last three calendar years and the current calendar year, as well as the dollars you have booked with these brands for future months.