Sponsor Resources

Thank you for your support of SupplySide West. This page is to help ensure a smooth planning process for all of our current Sponsors. We have compiled the following information and tools for your use. Please review these items as they will help you coordinate all Sponsorship details for the show. Please note that not everything on this page will apply to you Sponsorship. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Samantha Torres Duran, Sponsorship Coordinator at Samantha.Collins.US1@informa.com.

Company Logo Instructions

  • Outline all type and art where possible.
  • Create files in 4 color process (CYMK). Do not use spot PMS or RGB colors*.
  • Logos need to be created with high resolution for print, do not send web art saved at 72 ppi/dpi. The resolution must be at least 300 ppi/dpi.
  • Please send logos created in Adobe Illustrator whenever possible.Adobe Illustrator CC(or earlier versions) – outline all fonts and art, check logo to make sure resolution is at least 300 ppi/dpi, transparent background, and anti-alias, save file as Illustrator ai.
  • Photoshop CC (or earlier versions) – check to make sure logo is CYMK, with a resolution of at least 300 ppi/dpi at a reasonable size, and save as Photoshop psd, eps, jpg, or tiff.
  • Do not send pdf file of logo unless the pdf is made in Adobe Illustrator.

To maximize your exposure as a SupplySide Sponsor please submit your Logo to begin your Sponsorship Benefits to: Samantha.Collins.US1@informa.com

Artwork Specs

  • Ideally, we need submitted files to be saved in a high-resolution format, suitable for print. A high-resolution pdf works best.
  • Create file at 100% of size, with resolution of at least 150 dpi and 1" of bleed on all 4 sides. Any artwork with a dimension larger than 216" will need to be created at 25% scale.
  • Files must be kept under 1 gigabyte (GB).
  • Outline all type and embed all imported artwork before exporting your file for print.
  • Create and export your files using the CYMK color profile; do not use spot colors, Pantone or RGB colors.
  • Create files using Adobe CS5 or later software, preferably Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop or Adobe InDesign:
    • Adobe Illustrator CS5 or later version – outline all fonts and embed all imported art, saving the file with an extension of .ai or .eps.      
    • Photoshop CS5 or later version – save as Photoshop .eps or .psd (type must be rasterized and imported art must be converted to a Smart Object).
    • InDesign CS5 or later version – Package your artwork using the Package Preset and confirm your color profile is CMYK in the tab named Color & Inks. After packaging your artwork, zip or compress the packaged folder into a single file.

Artwork Submission Details

Please refer to your contract for Artwork Deadline.

If it is not included please email Samantha.Collins.US1@informa.com

  • Visit http://informa.brickftp.com
    • If you have an FTP program, you can also use:  ftp://informa.brickftp.com
  • Enter username: eventinfo
  • Enter password: uploadfileshere13
  • Upload your high-resolution art as well as a low-res pdf for proofing purposes.
  • Please email Samantha.Collins.US1@informa.com after upload is complete for confirmation of receipt

If you require a different delivery method, please contact us to verify application compatibility

Sponsor Advanced Shipping Details


To: Show Management /Sponsorships

Attn: Carrie Freese

c/o GES

SupplySide West 2019

Association Materials

7000 Lindell Road

Las Vegas, NV  89118

United States of America

*Please use this shipping information for sponsor related materials only. For information on shipping booth materials, please visit the Exhibitor Resources page.