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AstaReal, Inc.

Booth # 4678

Natural Astaxanthin

AstaReal is a wholly owned subsidiary of Fuji Chemical Group, Toyama, Japan. We are a global pioneer and expert in natural astaxanthin cultivation, R&D and clinical science. Nearly 30 years ago, AstaReal® pioneered the natural astaxanthin industry, establishing the quality and safety standards for natural astaxanthin. AstaReal® has built the natural astaxanthin industry  on a foundation of scientific research, quality, safety, and innovation that has made it possible for this ingredient to grow into a variety of human health platforms, including muscle function, eye health and skin health. AstaReal® Astaxanthin has been used as a key ingredient for innovative brands around the world. We offer AstaReal® Astaxanthin in a variety of forms to suit your food, beverage and dietary supplements or pet food formulations. AstaReal® offers traceability and is made in USA from closed indoor algal cultivation to extraction. We have FDA GRAS, NDI, Health Canada approved, Kosher, Halal, non-GMO Verified, USP verified, NSF GMP registered, we are a NASC preferred supplier, and Paleo certified.  With over 70 AstaReal® human clinical trials in our portfolio, we dedicate ourselves to educate the world about the outstanding benefits for human health and setting the highest standards of product quality. As the world's most studied and trusted brand of natural astaxanthin, AstaReal® is truly the gold standard for natural astaxanthin. LEARN MORE


Balchem Human Nutrition/ Sensory Effects

Booth #3757

Sports Nutrition

SensoryEffects, a division of Balchem, is a leading provider of value-added food and beverage ingredient solutions. We develop nutritionally enhanced powder systems to meet your customized specifications, used as a finished product base, or blended with specific ingredients for focused product positioning. Our new state-of-the-art Continuous Agglomeration System provides convenient solutions that enable us to maximize and control the particle size, solubility and consistency of instantized products in the Health & Wellness marketplace. LEARN MORE



Booth #3959

Clean Label

Consumers increasingly study product labels and want the label to be as clean as possible. Many also seek non-GMO & organic product options. Cargill is here to help our customers meet consumer demand by offering a portfolio of label-friendly ingredient solutions. Some of the products in our growing label-friendly portfolio include ViaTech® stevia sweeteners, SimPure™ functional native starches, Oliggo-Fiber® chicory root fiber, lecithins, hydrocolloids, plant proteins, and Custom Texturizing Systems. LEARN MORE

Sabinsa Corporation

Booth #4157


Founded in 1988, Sabinsa has pioneered the introduction of more than 100 standardized herbal extracts and employees over 1,000 people worldwide. As the inventor of the patented Curcumin C3 Complex®, #1 clinically studied Curcumin brand in the world, Sabinsa continues to develop more science ranging from joint health support to understanding Curcumin’s role in metabolic syndrome. Carefully cultivated with thousands of farmers, to deliver unadulterated, NON-GMO certified, non-synthetic Curcumin – trust only Curcumin C3 Complex®. LEARN MORE

DuPont Nutrition and Health

Booth #4857

Digestive Health

At DuPont, we understand the power of probiotics rests in their ability to effectively maintain and restore good health. The DuPont™ Danisco® portfolio includes the HOWARU® brand of probiotic preformulated blends and single strains, with products available as culture concentrates, standardized blends or in consumer-ready finished formats. HOWARU proprietary blends from DuPont--HOWARU Protect, HOWARU Restore and HOWARU Balance--have been scientifically formulated to provide condition-specific benefits supported by targeted clinical research. LEARN MORE

FCI Flavors

Booth #3549


FCI Flavors provides superior quality flavors to the supplement, natural foods and functional foods industries. FlavorSweet® is an all natural masking agent and flavor enhancer. It is excellent for masking off notes associated with vitamins, minerals, amino acids, herbal extracts and high intensity sweeteners. FlavorSweet® can also increase flavor intensity and give your product that extra pop! FlavorSweet® has a clean, slightly sweet profile that works well with most flavor systems and is label friendly. LEARN MORE


Booth #3771

Collagen Protein

GELITA inspires solutions for active lifestyles and healthy aging. We are the world market leader in collagen proteins and the official Collagen Protein Sponsor of SupplySide West.

GELITA’s Gelatine and Collagen Peptides are used in thousands of global health & nutrition and food products. From fortified gummies to gelatine capsules with optimized release profiles to novel protein enrichment options to collagen supplementation for musculoskeletal benefits, GELITA’s Collagen Proteins pivotal in these health and nutrition advances. LEARN MORE


Booth #2462


Since 1983, Kewpie Corporation (Japan) has become a world leader in sales of Hyaluronic Acid products best known for Hyabest® (S) LF-P for skin care and Hyabest® (J) geared to addressing joint and intramuscular issues. Hyabest® (S) LF-P is a clinically proven oral skin health supplement with visible efficacy in anti-aging formulations. Kewpie’s clinical studies show that the oral intake of highly purified Hyaluronic Acid at 120mg/day reduced the loss of moisture and wrinkles in the skin. Hyabest® (J) is the single component HA clinically proven in joint care applications and is designed for knee and joint health and alleviates symptoms of knee osteoarthritis. LEARN MORE

Lilu's Garden

Booth #3976


Lilu’s Garden is a seed to shelf industrial hemp ingredient manufacturer located in Denver, Colorado. As the largest and most consistent hemp manufacturer in the Western Hemisphere, Lilu’s is regulated under Colorado Food Based Extractions. We process CBD, CBN and CBG isolates, multi-spectrum oils and water solubles as well as customized cannabinoid blends all of which are 100% THC free. Our patent-pending aqueous manufacturing process is clean, green and free of any and all solvents or synthetics. LEARN MORE

Micro Quality Labs Inc.

Booth #4482

Labs Services

Located in Burbank California, Micro Quality Labs specializes in providing Microbiological and Analytical testing services for the Cosmetic, Pharmaceutical, Nutritional and Food industries. Micro Quality Labs was established in 2003 and is registered with the FDA, EPA, Health Canada, DEA and ISO17025 certified. We strictly adhere to cGMP standards and our equipment and instrumentation is state of the art. We understand that trust is not given it is earned; At Micro Quality Labs, we work hard every day to earn your trust. Please call us today and experience the difference of the exceptional service of the team at Micro Quality Labs. LEARN MORE

KOHJIN Life Sciences Co., Ltd.

Booth #2462 (Mitsubishi)



KOHJIN Life Sciences, a GMP approved factory,
has been the largest provider of Glutathione in the world since 1968. We provide high-quality Glutathione “OPITAC™” with excellent scientific
evidences. The brand name OPITAC™ is inspired by the words “optimize” and “intact”. We chose the trade name based on Glutathione’s fundamental function to optimize health. “Tac” stands for KOHJIN’s breakthrough human clinical study which demonstrated single-dose intact absorption of Glutathione for the first time. Certified FDA Notified GRAS, HALAL, KOSHER, NON-GMO, & GMP. LEARN MORE


Booth #3857


Since 2007, Orgenetics, Inc. has been changing the world of vitamins with 100% USDA Organic & All Natural Vitamins from Organic fruits & vegetables as part of the Orgen(r) brand. These are standardized water extracts, meaning no synthetic solvents, excipients, carriers, or any fillers. And they contain essential co-factors and co-nutrients that may help to improve the activity and stability of the vitamins. LEARN MORE



Booth #5065



Our vision is to contribute to healthier life by delivering clinically documented probiotics with proven health benefits. Probi offers
probiotic expertise and partnership from clinical R&D through turnkeyproduct tolling for consumer healthcare and food industry customers. In our GMP certified manufacturing facilities we specialize in producing high quality probiotic bulk powder, enhanced probiotic caplets, tablets and capsules; many of which utilize the patented BIO-tract® delivery system to enhance the delivery of the active ingredient.

Probi was founded by scientists in Sweden 1991 and is now a multinational company with 4 centers of excellence on three continents.
Consumer products containing Probi's probiotics are available in more than 40 markets around the world and Probi is holding over 400 patents worldwide.

Probi used to be best known as the maker of LP299V®, the highly appreciated and world's most researched strain of Lactobacillus
plantarum. But we are constantly extending our offering and Probi is today recognized for a range of documented strains. LEARN MORE

Soft Gel Technologies Inc.

Booth #3373

Soft Gel

Soft Gel Technologies Inc. (SGTI) is a full-service softgel contract manufacturer specializing in providing marketers with premium quality dietary supplements. SGTI is dedicated to the production and marketing of branded products and turnkey custom formulations exclusively to the natural products industry. We are Halal certified and GMP-certified through the NPA/UL and NSF, including GMP for sport. We are committed to helping customers effectively communicate the benefits of our products and be a reputable source of information. Delivering custom and branded softgels, naturally.™ LEARN MORE


Venable LLP

Expo Hall Main Entrance

Legal & Regulatory Partner

Venable is a leading American Lawyer 100 law firm with more than 100 years of experience in all areas of corporate law, litigation, intellectual property, regulatory law, and government affairs. We are leaders in FDA, FTC, and state compliance focusing on: claim evaluation and risk assessment, intellectual property, labeling and packaging, class action suits, new dietary ingredients, and state attorneys general investigations and enforcement actions.