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2017 Exhibitor Search

SunWay Biotech Co. Ltd.
Company Info:
SunWay Biotech provides two multi-functional ingredients, ANKASCIN 568-R and Vigiis 101-LAB. ANKASCIN 568-R is scientifically proven in managing blood lipids, blood sugar, blood pressure and improving Alzheimer's disease, while Vigiis 101-LAB's functions cover immunomodulation, reducing lipid accumulation, preventing gastric mucosal lesions and dental caries inhibition. Moreover, ANKASCIN 568-R has been approved as new dietary ingredient by FDA (Report #855), showing it is free of statins' risks, and clinically proven effective in managing blood lipids and blood sugar.
139 Xing'ai Road, Neihu District
Taipei, 11494
Taiwan, R.O.C
Contact: Harvey Liu