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2017 Exhibitor Search

Yantai Yiji Trade Co. Ltd.
Company Info:
In 2000, Yantai Yiji Food Co. Ltd. was established as a Sino-Japanese Joint Venture, specializing in agricultural products for the Japanese market. In 2003, Yantai Yiji Trade Co. Ltd. was established. We develop new health food that include hemp seed, hulled hemp seed, hemp protein powder, sea buckthorn powder, rapeseed, sunflower seeds, raisin, jujube, licorice root, allium mongolicum, goji berry powder tablets, Chinese thorowax root, astragalus(milkvetch root), scutellaria baicalensis and so on.
1805 Dong Fang Yin Zuo, No.157 Nanda St.
Yantai, 264000
Contact: Jian Li