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2017 Exhibitor Search

AK & MN BioFarm Co. Ltd.
Company Info:
AK & MN BioFarm is a leading omega-3 API manufacturer, focused on highly concentrated EPA and DHA derived from crude fish oil. We provide customers with all formulations of omega-3s produced in the facilities set up in line with GMP, EU-HACCP (Korp-123) guidelines for API and dietary supplements. We supply EPA 97% EE (DMF No. 27998) GMP approval from Korea FDA; EPA ethyl ester 70 (DMF No.26946); EPA 70 EE/TG ~ EPA92 EE/TG; DHA 95% (EPA under 5%); DHA 70 EE/TG ~ DHA85 EE/TG; EPA465DHA375EE (DMF No.29382); and EPA + DHA up to 90%. More formulations and specifications are possible.
81, Sanggae-ro, Nam-gu
Ulsan, Ulsan 680180
Korea, South
Contact: Han Ah Kim