SupplySide Sustainability Program | Industry Impact

Purposeful content

  • Education programs at SupplySide follow the footsteps of our legacy B2B media brands, which have helped CPG brands source, create and develop successful health and nutrition products for close to 30 years.
  • SupplySide’s approach has always been content-forward, covering major industry issues, examining trends and predicating future market movement. Companies in the health & nutrition space have been front runners in their care for environmental sustainability, giving us a great opportunity to be early adaptors in the coverage we provide in that area.
  • SupplySide’s market is full of innovation and start-ups which means we have a large and long-lasting focus on empowering entrepreneurs and small businesses. At SupplySide West, we offer a Virtual Registration Pass where all fourteen sessions of the conference program will be available on-demand through the mobile app, aiding in accessibility to audience members who might otherwise be disconnected due to current circumstances.
  • SupplySide offers a diverse range of sessions focusing on environmental sustainability, empowering entrepreneurs and small businesses, and featuring diverse and inclusive speakers.
    • Highlights include sessions on women's health, emphasizing unique health requirements and the need for more clinical trials based on female study subjects.
    • Guided show-floor tours include two sustainability-focused tours and two women's health-focused tours.
    • An education session focused on upcycling in the food and beverage industry, promoting environmental sustainability
  • SupplySide has implemented the Diverse Voices on Stage Program- our goal is to take an active role in bringing diverse voices to center stage by asking our speakers to complete a survey that will help us create benchmarks for ensuring equitable representation from thought leaders at our events.

Purposeful partnership

  • SupplySide partners with Vitamin Angels, a non-profit organization that provides lifesaving vitamins to mothers and children at risk of malnutrition.
    • Informa Markets donates $35,000 to Vitamin Angels annually
  • SupplySide supports the Women in Nutraceuticals (WIN) - who’s vision is to achieve economic and societal equity to change the global nutraceutical industry by promoting and hosting a #WIN Gender & Equity Networking reception at the show.
  • Diversity Bridge, powered by the Diversity Org and in partnership with SupplySide West, connects students to career paths in fast growing industries to help combat poverty and promote diversity within the communities we serve.