Ingredient Idol at SupplySide West & Food Ingredients North America 2023

Ingredient Idol is the thinking person’s guide to the most innovative, top-shelf dietary ingredients recently introduced into the nutrition and supplements market today. This year we are focusing on new ingredients—defined as those launched into the market after Jan. 1, 2022. This juried competition features three health conditions with three finalists in each category—active nutrition, microbiome, nootropics. Live at the show, a panel of sharp, smart and informed industry judges will hear elevator pitches from ingredient supplier brands, pepper them with follow-up questions, and decide the winner. Make sure you stop by the stage for the contest to cheer on your personal favorite during the People’s Choice Award part of the proceedings. Nomination and entrance details are below. Don’t miss SupplySide West’s most raucous, good-time game show!

This year’s three health categories are: 

Active Nutrition: Way bigger than sports nutrition’s protein and specialty ingredients like creatine and beta-alanine, the active category also targets cellular wellness like mitochondrial function, energy creation beyond merely caffeine, even graceful aging pursuits like joint, bone and cardio health.

Microbiome: Probiotic strains ain’t the half of it. Nor does gut health speak to the entire microbiome. There’s the gut/brain axis. The gut/muscle axis. Certain aspects of immunity, even skin health. Prebiotic fibers and postbiotics, oh my!

Nootropics: The greater cognition category is broad, and encompasses experiential ingredients, mood/stress, memory enhancers, as well as e-sports/gamer ingredients addressing focus and concentration. And don’t forget age-old brain-builders like healthy fats, even from new and sustainable sources.