SupplySide Sustainability Program | Environmental Impact


SupplySide West remains committed to minimizing our event’s carbon footprint. Each year, we continue to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions as much as possible through energy
efficiency, waste reduction, smart travel and procurement choices.

Over the past five years, we've focused on:

  • Moving to 100% renewable electricity
  • Reducing local transport emissions for attendees
  • Choosing procurement options with lower carbon footprint
  • Reducing logistics and materials emissions through projects such as carpet elimination in favor of investing in decorative plants which are then donated to the city of Las Vegas
  • Working with exhibitors to eliminate single use exhibition booths
  • Offsetting the carbon footprint of our staff travel and hotels with high quality, third party certified carbon offsets
  • Ensuring the show provides the highest possible return on investment for attendees and
    exhibitors so they make the most of their travel to the show

We continue in the pursuit to be certified carbon neutral, and are focused on finding robust ways to partner with our attendees to help them compensate for the carbon emissions from their travel.


  • SupplySide West is powered by 100% renewable electricity making the electricity use carbon neutral.
  • We use an established global process to pay a premium to renewable electricity producers. These Energy Attribution Certificates (EACs) allow us to match our electricity usage with the required amount of green energy. This creates additional incentives for generators to invest in renewable power. We are still trying to use less electricity overall for our events, but this process ensures it’s as sustainable as possible
  • The energy efficiency at SupplySide West has been increased through initiatives such as shutting off hall lighting and booth power overnight and using technology so that escalators power down when not in use. 
  • Mandalay Bay provides energy efficient lighting within the expo halls


  • SupplySide West attendees can stay healthy and hydrated by using their re-usable water bottles at sustainable water stations throughout the expo hall and public places. By taking part, you are helping to reduce the carbon and waste generated by single-use water bottles. It’s estimated that 8-9 million metric tons of plastic end up in the ocean every year –the equivalent of one garbage truck of material every minute. Thank you for choosing to re-use in an effort to keep our oceans plastic-free. 


  • Designated cardboard drop-off areas are placed throughout the show floor to increase recycling efforts.
  • Recycle & Landfill bins are placed throughout the SupplySide event.
  • SupplySide West partners with Terracycle to repurpose show lanyards and badges into new products!
  • Mandalay Bay sorts all trash prior to pickup to maximize waste diverted from landfill. 
  • Falcon Board (cardboard based material) is used for printed show signs.
  • Digital Kiosks are used and help reduce printed advertising.
  • SupplySide collaborates with general service contractor to re-use structures and signage for future events.
  • The Better Stands program is aimed to unite and encourage exhibitors, along with their appointed contractors, to move away from disposable, single-use stands at events, in favor of reusable or recyclable structures. Single-use stands are typically sent to a landfill post-event. Instead of this, we encourage our exhibitors to partner with our General Service Contractor, GES, or their Exhibitor Appointed Contractor to produce a beautiful stand that can be reused for many trade shows.
  • Zero-Waste Menu, in partnership with NSF, one of the GMP Training lunches will be a zero-waste meal, meaning it will leave no waste behind, including ingredients and packaging.


  • Printed show directories have been eliminated, saving thousands of copies from ending up in waste. Attendees can access all show information through the mobile app, in addition to connecting with other show participants.
  • Exhibitors and sponsors are encouraged to share information digitally rather than through printed materials.
  • Lanyards are made from PET recycled materials (plastic bottles and other plastic packaging)
  • Mandalay Bay has discontinued the 7oz plastic cups & only uses plain, compostable white cups for all water stations. Additionally, they use all Leafware products which are 100% compostable. A variety of vegan and vegetarian options are offered during food and beverage functions.
  • The SupplySide West Expo Preview is no longer being printed, saving approximately 32,000 copies of material.